[Ann] A new version of the headless VM

A new version of the headless VM is available.

It can be downloaded from:


Or more easily using ZeroConf:

With the image
$ wget -O – get.pharo.org/64/90+vmHeadlessLatest | bash

$ wget -O – get.pharo.org/64/vmHeadlessLatest90 | bash

This new version has a series of bugfixes and the following features:

– Update TFFI to v1.2.0: Allowing better marshaling and callbacks from
outside threads.
– Update README.md
– Add instructions on how to create a vmmaker image.
– Fixing UnixOSProcessPlugin
– Redefinition of squeakFileOffset
– Generating include files as an artifact
– Adding a configurable strategy for reading / writing the image
– Building using Musl Libc
– A cleaner implementation of the print to stdout and file.
– OSX File Dialog
– OSX icon customization
– OSX customization for apps.
– Adding build on GitHub actions

I will like to thank all the contributors specially Guille, Esteban,
Ronnie. And also, Feenk and Schmidt that they are using it, reporting
issues and contributing.

Just a friendly reminder, if you want to contribute, you are always welcome!!



Pablo Tesone.

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