[Ann] Pharo 4 Pharo mailing-list


Tired of boring and dull discussions about the past?
Tired and bored about the fact that the discussions are not about Pharo but about X, Z, K?
Want to get in touch with other real pharo users?
Want to have positive and nice discussions about Pharo?
This mailing-list is for you
I created a new mailing-list for Pharo 4 Pharo.
The idea of this new mailing-list is to exchange between Pharo users on Pharo.
If you want to talk about the weather and other cool fishing practices or how other languages are super cool,
then you should use another mailing-list.
You can consider that I’m
[ ]  an asshole
[ ]  an arrogant idiot
[ ]  other
This is not my concern.
My concern is: can we respect Pharo and users of Pharo that want to share what they are doing
and ask questions about their language?
If you join this mailing-list be warned that I (yes me the benevolent dictator of Pharo) will remove you from the mailing-list
when you get on my nerves.
If you do not like it, do not like me, do not appreciate it, do not join!
BTW they are plenty of newsgroups about Smalltalk and you can join there.
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