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Cloud shoppie

Hi all

This is an iOS/Android application with server developed in Pharo Smalltalk(Seaside-REST). There is a video explaining the application and a link to vote for the application.
We are a start up with a team of 8 smalltalkers and would greatly appreciate your valuable support and feedback.
Thanks In Advance.
G R Thushar

Multi users and agile planning tool

Stephan Eggermont announced Story Board.
Story Board is a multi user, drag and drop, agile planning tool. Each user can create projects and invite other users to participate.

This application is build with Deltawerken and Seaside 3.1. Please use the configuration to load this application.
Gofer new
    url: '';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfStoryBoard';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfStoryBoard) project bleedingEdge load

Change the admin password in a workspace
 (SBUser userWithId: 'Admin') password: '<your new password>'

Getting started:


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(Ubuntu) New packages of Pharo VM

Damien Cassou announced today 

Hi, I'm happy to announce a brand new packaging of the Pharo VM. The packaging works with all officially supported Ubuntu releases, both 32 and 64bits (see this list of Ubuntu support dates: I pushed these new packages to a different PPA so I can test without impacting current users : If you are using an old version of Ubuntu (e.g., Precise 12.04 or even Lucid 10.04), you should try with this new PPA. Please report problems by email to me directly. An advantage of this new packaging is that it should become much easier to create Ubuntu packages for your own Pharo projects. I will talk about that later as I try these new packaging mechanism on the Launcher, Pillar and Phratch projects.

Generating Doc for your project

How to generate java doc like documentation for Pharo. A nice post posted Yesterday by

Pharo and OpenCL

Ronie Salgado started working in making some basic bindings for OpenCL using
NativeBoost. Currently he can run basics OpenCL OpenCL kernels. I tried to generate quickly some procedural images which was a success.

He is going to be showing some more cool stuffs when mixing OpenCL+OpenGL+SDL2.

Currently uploading my work into!/~ronsaldo/OpenCL. No configuration or stable release yet.


Gmail contacts management

Sean De Nigris wrote a tiny utility to work with Gmail contacts. It is very basic and just maps an export file in the Outlook format to GmailContact objects. It doesn't support the Google CSV format - the field order and names are different, and the file is UTF16-encoded. Enjoy!

Gofer it
	smalltalkhubUser: 'SeanDeNigris' project: 'SeansPlayground';
	package: 'GmailContact';

#GmailContact asClass importAllFromOutlookExport: ‘/path/to/contacts.csv' asFileReference.

Programming in Pharo: a Live Experience

Have you ever wanted to get the feel of live programming in Pharo? You know the feel that no book can describe! Watch this excellent screencast made by Laurent Laffont


Dark Theme

Esteban Lorenzano released a really really nice look for Pharo 30 🙂






Here is his announce


How you install it? You need to execute this script:
“1. You need this because otherwise Gofer merge becomes dumb :P”
MCRepositoryGroup default 
    addRepository: (MCSmalltalkhubRepository 
        owner: ‘estebanlm’ 
        project: ‘Pharo3DarkTheme’).
“2. Now we can actually MERGE the project”
Gofer it 
    smalltalkhubUser: ‘estebanlm’ project: ‘Pharo3DarkTheme’;
    package: ‘Pharo3DarkTheme’;
“3. And then install it”
Pharo3DarkTheme installFullTheme.
WARNING 1: You need to do a merge (notice the script)
WARNING 2: Yes, this is a HACK (also: an ugly hack). See below for details. 
WARNING 3: This changes something in the Pharo3Theme too… so you can go back after installing, but not completely 🙂