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Master your tests with Hapao2

Hapao2 a great test analysis tools was released by ObjectProfile! Here is their announce:

We are happy to release Hapao2 for Pharo. Ricard Jacas and Alejandro Infante put quite some work on Spy2 (an über cool profiling framework for Pharo) and Hapao2.
Hapao2 is about assessing the test coverage of your code and is a major revamp of Hapao1, which was presented a couple of years ago by Vanessa.
Hapao2 does not only list covered and uncovered methods, as most test coverage tool on Earth will do. Hapao gives a great visualization to easily navigate in your code, assess its complexity, and give you a great visual output telling its coverage.
You need Roassal in your image:

Gofer new smalltalkhubUser: ‘ObjectProfile’
project: ‘Roassal2’;
package: ‘ConfigurationOfRoassal2’;
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfRoassal2) load

and you need S2py:
location: ‘’
user: ”
password: ”

You can run the test coverage on :
– the class classes you have modified,
– on a particular
– on a particular class category
– on the last class categories you have modified

 – on the last packages you have modified
Here is a portion of a large coverage:
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.00.11 PM
A technical description of Hapao may be found on
We are daily using Hapao to help us understand our tests.
Ricardo, Alejandro & Alexandre

Alexandre Bergel