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[Ann] Roassal3 v0.9.1 is out!

This version 0.9.1 improves Roassal3 in many different aspects. Here are the most relevants:

– A lot of class and method comments

– Improvement of the animation capabilities

– Improvement of Chart, the charting library

– Better highlighting mechanism

– Added some tests that check for the dependencies of Roassal3, just to make sure we do not introduce an unwanted dependency

– Improvement of the popup

– Better search in canvas capabilities

– Improvement of the force based layout

– Improvement of the stroke lines

– Many many more bugs fixes and small improvements…



Metacello new

baseline: ‘Roassal3’;

repository: ‘github://ObjectProfile/Roassal3:v0.9.1’;


Mooc getting closer to you


we started to deploy the mooc on youtube. It is about 50 hours of uploads and more post work… But here is a first video.


Do not forget to sign the license…

Dear Pharoers

When you commit your code as a PullRequest you declare that your code is MIT.

Now do not forget to sign the license, like that Pharo will be stronger and better protected.

I would like to thank the 271 people that already did it, and I’m sure that we can do better.



[ann] v1.1.0 of Chanel

Hi everyone!

Today I released the v1.1.0 of Chanel, a project to automatically clean
Pharo code to make it more readable and efficient.

This project is composed of a list of cleaners. You can choose those you
want and the version of Pharo you code needs to run on (to reject
cleaners transforming code to use methods from recent Pharo versions)
then run them of a list of packages.

It is advised to check carefully the cleaned code because some cleaners
might introduce bugs in edge cases. I tried to detail them in the

Find the full changelog of this release here:

More cleaners to come in the future 🙂

Have a nice day.

Cyril Ferlicot

Roassal’ 1 hour XP: assembly code of GWBasic

Alexandre Bergel posted:
1 hour-project I just completed: visualizing the routines and their dependencies of each assembly source code files of the original source code of GWBasic (made in 1975 by bill gates and paul allen)
Here is the header of the main assembly file:
A. Bergel.

[ANN] Smalltalkhub Readonly Migration tuesday 8hs – server maintenance / migration

Hi all,

We wanted to announce that, as announced previously, Smalltalkhub is going read only from tomorrow, 8h central Europe time.
This means the service could be down for a couple of hours until the sync of data is done.

Keep tuned,

Guille and Christophe in behalf of the RMoD team

Deployment tips from the Pros

Hi Readers


Sven (the father of Zinc) pointed the following repos of his deployment scripts!


Hi Sanjay,

When you do a metacello configuration or baseline install with the command line tools, the image is saved automatically at the end (if the load is successful).

My current approach is described here

which is a newer version of

Much of this goes beyond Pharo and requires some Unix/Linux knowledge, but it is all standard stuff.


[Ann] New book on git and Pharo

Hello we are happy to announce a new little book that we hope will help you to master git and Pharo.

Thanks for your reading