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Experimental CentOS

CentOS 6.8:
# Add the repo
# Install 32bit packages (with X11 dependency for *-ui or not)
$ yum install pharo6-32-ui.i686 or pharo6-32.i386
# Install 64bit packages
$ yum install pharo6-64-ui.x86_64 pharo6-64.x86_64
that will install correct vm for your distribution.

Pharo 70 alpha process rolling for real…

[ Pharo 70 ] Build 64 PR 196  Add validation step for binary loaded tests


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 62 PR 222 20346-Update-Iceberg-to-057


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 61 PR 218 Dead code: #destinationBuffer: and #digitBuffer:


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 60 PR 219 20340-IconHardcodedMessageRuleinitialize-is-dirty


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 59 PR 201 -DarkTheme-disabledTextColor-is-too-close-of-textColor


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 58 PR 104 SendsDeprecatedMethodToGlobalRule-might-be-hard..


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 57 PR 209  Merged in Renraku v1.0.2


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 56 PR 174 20260-FastTable-not-support-cell-morphs-with-stepping-animation #174


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 54 PR 193 Integrate WebBrowser-Core package to be able to open a browser on a URL


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 52 PR 205 index-inst-var-should-move-from-Slot-to-IndexedSlot


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 52 PR 195 Make-SUnit-loadable-by-Hermes


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 51 PR 214 Matrix-Trivial-typo-fix


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 50 PR 215 Rubric-line-numbers-are-not-dark-theme-friendly


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 49 PR 207 Replace-self-error-no-such-inst-var-by-a-first-class-error


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 48 PR 72 Remove-empty-protocols-on-categorize-all-uncategorized


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 47 PR 202  Refactor-the-MostUsedTools-of-the-world-menu-to-cut-dependencies-and-use-priorities


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 46 PR 200 Space-analysis-resurrection


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 45 PR 175 Space-analysis-resurrection


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 44 PR 212 Add-build-number-to-SystemVersion


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 43 PR 208 Open-a-package-extending-a-class-via-the-extension-protocol


[ Pharo 70 ] Build 41 PR 139 MailMessage-API-Improvement

Pillar morphic renderer

We developed a minimal pillar morphic renderer. It is in the Pillar-Renderer package of Pillar. If you want to have fun, please improve it.

The screen shot shows what you get if you execute

PRMorphInterface new openWithSpec.



[Ann] PharoThings a live programming IoT platform based on Pharo


I am glad to announce the project PharoThings which brings the live programming environment into IoT domain.
It includes:
  • development tools to lively program, explore and debug remote boards (based on TelePharo)
  • board modeling library which simplifies board configuration
    • Raspberry driven by WiringPi library
    • Arduino driven by Firmata, soon
    • Beaglebone, soon
Follow github page and videos to get a feeling of this project:
Now PharoThings is in beta stage together with documentation and videos. I would like any feedback on how to improve them.
If you are going to Esug conference you can see PharoThings in live at awards competition.
Best regards,

[Ann][Pillar] Travis -> Bintray for PDFs


with Damien Pollet, we went over all the booklets and some of the Pharo books currently written in Pillar and made sure that each time you commit

– a travis job is run
– latex is produced as well as pdf
– the pdf is stored on bintray
– the release versions are stored on the github repo (I should verify)

So now you can just do a PR and you get a super nice PDF.

Have a look at Glorp or Voyage for example

You can access the bintray files from the squarebracketassociates lovely binTray account 🙂

I’m writing a doc of the process so that other people can do it for their private projects.


Call for Mooc subtitle help

Hi guys

The Pharo is a wonderful vehicule to promote Pharo and we need your help to translate the subtitles to different languages.

This year we will have english voices paid by Inria (thanks) but we cannot do everything and we need your help.


Workflow engine open sourced by netstyle

Hi everyone,

Stef has asked me whether Netstyle would release our workflow engine to the public, so here goes:
Workflow (originally called “Aare”) was conceived as part of an application that Netstyle developed back in the day. We can’t release all of that code but we can release the engine. I’ve published it on Github with an MIT license (loadable via baseline):
Please note:
– Workflow used to depend on OmniBase for storing objects (one of the main superclasses inherited from an OmniBase class for that). I’ve removed that dependency.
– As this only includes the engine, there’s no UI and the things shown in the whitepaper (see repository) are technically correct but are missing the appropriate model (the UI was written with Magritte and Morphic).
– The code is from 2005 and we haven’t touched it since then, so there might be a couple of hiccups.
– We can’t provide full support for the code but I’ll be happy to talk to anyone interested in maintaining or improving it.
We at Netstyle hope that Workflow may be useful to some of you.

About Pharo Newsletter

As you for sure know, we have now a good monthly rhythm with the newsletter.
And the number of subscribers is growing!
If you have ideas for the next newsletters (August is done and will be posted soon, but we need
content for September and later…)
We need both small and larger items. Example for smaller news:
– announcements of new libraries
– new releasese
– links to videos
– links to blog posts
And larger items. These have not just the title and link, but a short description and if possible a picture.
(If you look at the older newsletters it should be clear what is needed).
Another idea I had: we could even have “complete takeover’ of a newsletter by someone who wants to
edit a newsletter for one specific topic. This can be about one project, or just a “theme”  (e.g.
“cloud deployment with Pharo”)
if you are interested —> send a mail to
Marcus Denker