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Roassal’ 1 hour XP: assembly code of GWBasic

Alexandre Bergel posted:
1 hour-project I just completed: visualizing the routines and their dependencies of each assembly source code files of the original source code of GWBasic (made in 1975 by bill gates and paul allen)
Here is the header of the main assembly file:
A. Bergel.

[ANN] Smalltalkhub Readonly Migration tuesday 8hs – server maintenance / migration

Hi all,

We wanted to announce that, as announced previously, Smalltalkhub is going read only from tomorrow, 8h central Europe time.
This means the service could be down for a couple of hours until the sync of data is done.

Keep tuned,

Guille and Christophe in behalf of the RMoD team

Deployment tips from the Pros

Hi Readers


Sven (the father of Zinc) pointed the following repos of his deployment scripts!


Hi Sanjay,

When you do a metacello configuration or baseline install with the command line tools, the image is saved automatically at the end (if the load is successful).

My current approach is described here

which is a newer version of

Much of this goes beyond Pharo and requires some Unix/Linux knowledge, but it is all standard stuff.


[Ann] New book on git and Pharo

Hello we are happy to announce a new little book that we hope will help you to master git and Pharo.

Thanks for your reading


About uptime in industrial setup


So here is a little anecdote from the real world. I was planning to update the OS on my Linux server, from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to 20.04 LTS (Long Term Support). This small (Digital Ocean, 1GB RAM, 1 Core) cloud server runs 3 Pharo images with public facing web sites.

The machine itself reports:

$ uptime
12:37:50 up 530 days, 21:46,  1 user,  load average: 0.02, 0.04, 0.01

which means it hasn’t been powered down or didn’t restart in 530 days.

I was surprised to discover that 2 of the Pharo images on that machine did just as well:

$ ./
Connecting to Telnet REPL at locahost:41011
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Neo Console (32 Bit)
pharo> get system.uptime
405 days 20 hours 29 minutes
pharo> quit

$ ./
Connecting to Telnet REPL at locahost:41001
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Neo Console Pharo4.0 of 18 March 2013 update 40620

get system.uptime
530 days 21 hours 44 minutes



So both Pharo 7 and Pharo 4 kept on doing their jobs for a very long time. I think this is a testament to the stability of Pharo and to what is possible.



Tech talk: Pharo 90 development status

Here are the slides of the april tech talk about Pharo 90 status.



Official Pharo consortium Call. Pharo needs you: Perfect time to join

Dear Pharo users, lovers, businessers


You may not know it clearly but the Pharo consortium succeeds to pay one full time engineer: Esteban Lorenzano. Due to legal concerns with the Inria foundation effort, Inria converted the position of Esteban into a permanent position. It was a great deal
because it secures Esteban.
Now based on contracts between the consortium and Lifeware ( ) and Schmidt ( the consortium is able to pay another engineer: Pablo Tesone until
April 2021. All this was announced at ESUG 2019 but not all of you may have known it.
<Mini news>
  • The consortium has been working to get Pharo in the database of the
    CNRS platforms (CNRS is a huge research organisation in France covering all research fields. Guillermo Polito has a permanent position from CNRS allocated to the Lille University Lab and we want to convince the lab that having Guille working on Pharo is the best ROI that they can make).
  • ¬†We also are pursing a process to be recognized by the University of¬†Lille for the same reason.¬†We are also working to get PharoPro out of the ground but this is¬†another story.¬†
  • ¬†All these efforts in communication are done to secure people position.We have got many new academic members. Some should be announced soon.¬†

</mini news>
Now THE announce.

During the last consortium meeting, we learned that David Margery (the Inria software manager that is managing around 10 ofconsortiums for Inria) wants to propose to Inria to allocate another permanent position to Pharo even if the consortium does not raise two full salaries.

This will secure the effort of the consortium for the coming years.
We were excited by the news because such positions are rare and lifelong!

David is building a case to defend his proposal:

  • first the pharo consortium is in a good shape – thank you all
  • second, Inria is interested to “assess if Pharo is used‚ÄĚ
David told us that having more industrial partners (even first entry
ones) will really help our case: the fact that members are willing to pay to secure

the future of Pharo is the key indicator, the amount paid being only secondary.

Therefore the consortium is sending an official call. If you hesitated to join the consortium this is clearly the moment.  Your money will be multiplied. Because a full job for an expert engineer is around 90 K so if we get 8 new members at 1/2 K we
have a strong multiplication effect and this will have an important impact on Pharo.
So I hope that we convince you that you can get a real impact on Pharo. The consortium engineering team wants to thank all the current consortium member because they make Pharo happening.

S. on the behalf of the consortium.

[ANN] Ansible v1.0.0

Ansible, ansible is an amqp client for pharo reached it’s v1.0.0 version.


  • Migrated from Cuis port
  • Added tests to common integration patterns using GitHub Actions (tests pass in Pharo 6.1, Pharo 7 and Pharo 8)
  • Added code coverage metrics using CodeCov
  • Fixed code generation from specification for version 0-9-1
  • Added documentation. A three parts tutorial inspired in the RabittMQ ones.
  • Added some basic abstractions like AmqpConnectionBuilder to ease the building of complex objects.


The Buenos Aires Smalltalk team

[ANN] HighchartsSt v11.0.0

HighchartsSt, a highcharts js api wrapper for pharo smalltalk reached it’s v11.0.0version.


  • Update Boardwalk to v5, RenoirSt to v7 and Seaside to v3.4
  • Fixed some warnings detected by Shellcheck on the bash scripts
  • Use GitHub actions instead of TravisCi
  • Use CodeCov instead of Coveralls


The Buenos Aires Smalltalk team