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HoneyGinger mixed with Jun4Pharo

HoneyGinger is a fluid dynamics and visualization library which can simulate moves of liquid caused by obstacles and visualize refraction by estimating angles of water surface from distribution of pressure.

This is rendered by Jun4Pharo in conjunction with HoneyGinger, a fluid
dynamics simulator written in pure Smalltalk 🙂

Tomohiro Oda

FOSDEM 2014 Talk Videos

the videos of fosdem start to be available:

sadly something went wrong with the Pharo4 one
(the video just is the same as Macel Weiher’s). Stephane Eggermont is checking.

But here is Pharo3:

this is not yet public, I will do that when putting it on Pharo News, sometimes
the next days.

Integration Videos

Two videos show how simple is an integration now (It could be better see below). This can influence some of you to help us and you are welcome.

First one: install some scripts

Second one

Then you should do the following

type on the command line


In Pharo

start menu
merge (look at the fix….)
freeze menu
publish menu

Then type on the command line


I do not think that Monticello is the best tool for managing our changes and code but for now this is what we have and it is working.

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