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[Ann] Pharo map

There are many pharo- organizations and google does not find them easily.

Now there is PharoMap to get a root of the pharo-organisations.


[Ann] Pharo 4 Pharo mailing-list


Tired of boring and dull discussions about the past?
Tired and bored about the fact that the discussions are not about Pharo but about X, Z, K?
Want to get in touch with other real pharo users?
Want to have positive and nice discussions about Pharo?
This mailing-list is for you
I created a new mailing-list for Pharo 4 Pharo.
The idea of this new mailing-list is to exchange between Pharo users on Pharo.
If you want to talk about the weather and other cool fishing practices or how other languages are super cool,
then you should use another mailing-list.
You can consider that I’m
[ ]  an asshole
[ ]  an arrogant idiot
[ ]  other
This is not my concern.
My concern is: can we respect Pharo and users of Pharo that want to share what they are doing
and ask questions about their language?
If you join this mailing-list be warned that I (yes me the benevolent dictator of Pharo) will remove you from the mailing-list
when you get on my nerves.
If you do not like it, do not like me, do not appreciate it, do not join!
BTW they are plenty of newsgroups about Smalltalk and you can join there.

[Ann] A new version of the headless VM

A new version of the headless VM is available.

It can be downloaded from:

Or more easily using ZeroConf:

With the image
$ wget -O – | bash

$ wget -O – | bash

This new version has a series of bugfixes and the following features:

– Update TFFI to v1.2.0: Allowing better marshaling and callbacks from
outside threads.
– Update
– Add instructions on how to create a vmmaker image.
– Fixing UnixOSProcessPlugin
– Redefinition of squeakFileOffset
– Generating include files as an artifact
– Adding a configurable strategy for reading / writing the image
– Building using Musl Libc
– A cleaner implementation of the print to stdout and file.
– OSX File Dialog
– OSX icon customization
– OSX customization for apps.
– Adding build on GitHub actions

I will like to thank all the contributors specially Guille, Esteban,
Ronnie. And also, Feenk and Schmidt that they are using it, reporting
issues and contributing.

Just a friendly reminder, if you want to contribute, you are always welcome!!


Pablo Tesone.

[Ann] Large image generator


The consortium is starting a task force to make sure that people can work with large images. So we will be revisiting all the tools and internal logic during the coming months.

We need to generate rather large code base. We started with a simple large image generator. If you have ideas and want to contribute let us know.

Consortium team



[ann] ThreadedFFI v1.2.0

Pablo Tesone from the consortium announced threadedFFI v1.2.0

Version v1.2.0

Repository: pharo-project/threadedFFI-Plugin · Tag: v1.2.0 · Commit: d868e9b · Released by: tesonep

  • Adding the ability to correctly handling callbacks from different threads, with tests.
  • Update to be compatible with latest Pharo800 changes
  • Improving the execution in a different build directory
  • Using pools of semaphores to improve performance.

ETS joining the consortium

The Pharo Consortium is very happy to announce that ÉTS Montréal has joined the Consortium as an Academic Member.

– ÉTS Montréal:
– Pharo Consortium:

The goal of the Pharo Consortium is to allow companies and institutions to support the ongoing development and future of Pharo.

Individuals can support Pharo via the Pharo Association:

[ANN] SmalltalkCI now supports Pharo 9

Just to let you know that smalltalkCI was updated to include Pharo 9, 32 and 64 bits as available versions to be used, and stable/alpha were updated to be Pharo 8 and Pharo 9.
Thanks Pablo Tesone & Fabio Niephaus for helping in getting this updates ready.

[Ann] Pharo embedded in Pascal :)

Hi all,

Inspired by Pablo’s example, I’ve created a cross-platform
implemenation. Pablo’s example uses Pharo.image embedded as a Windows
resource. Well, the  excellent and, like Smalltalk, vastly underrated
Free Pascal has built-in cross platform support for Windows resources.
Basically I have implemented, in Pascal, FFI to libPharoVMCore and the
embedded image access routines for callback by libPharoVMCore, together
with a driver program to run the embedded Pharo.image.

Repository is here:

More details to come in the repository.


[ann] Neat for Pharo

Today is the official release of the NEAT algorithm for Pharo