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Flickr API Wrapper

Sean started a little wrapper. It does a few basic things. Enjoy!

Gofer it
	smalltalkhubUser: 'SeanDeNigris' project: 'Flickr';

"Global setup"
	userID: myUserID;
	apiKey: myApiKey.

"Generic usage"	
Flickr new
	set: 'photo_id' to: '4975793876';
	get: ''.

"Smalltalk model"	
(FlickrUser named: 'Rebel Shea') id.

"This won''t work because we need to exclude our user_id... not sure how to
(FlickrUser fromUrl: ''
asUrl) id.

Teapot: a micro web framework for Pharo


I'd like to announce a new micro web framework called Teapot. It follows a
similar philosophy than other lightweight frameworks like
Sinatra/Bottle/Flask/Spark. Teapot is built on top of the Zn HTTP
components, and less than 500 lines long.

More info:!/~zeroflag/Teapot
Gofer it
  smalltalkhubUser: 'zeroflag' project: 'Teapot';


Another weekly iteration: The power of doing at work

13898 RBBlockNode>>#equalTo:withMapping: uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13901 move DoubleLinkedListTests, LRUCacheTests and TTLCacheTests from Tests

13896 RBBlockNode>>#= uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13900 move TextDiffBuilderTest to ToolsTest

13892 Example methods should be runnable in Nautilus

13899 RBCascadeNode uses #to:do: instead of #with:do: (Coding Idiom Violation)

13895 #hasReportableSlip should call #containsHalt

13271 inconsistent behaviour when debugging

13893 Lint rule for checking block argument assignment.

13878 Better comment in Date(class)>>fromString: and test

13870 Spotlight: small enhancement for resolving symbols

13862 Merge OCompletion into Ecompletion

13877 Clean up Settings related to Code Browsing

13855 Small critique cleanup of Tool-Base

13859 replace two uses of OCKeyedSet with Dictionary

13856 Trivial cleanup in DebuggerModel

13857 temporary fix old Browser to allow access to class organization protocol

13819 Remove Check for Slips Preference

10146 Semantic analysis: TempVars should not have index

10144 Improve Comments Opal

13853 GroupWindowMorph does not use themed background color.

13848 EyePatch for inspectors eye

13820 Move #useAstColoring setting to the Shout settings group

13852 MNU on ChangeSorter fileOut

13526 System Browser Add Class menu item does not offer current class as a superclass

13825 MNU: receiver of protocolsFor: is nil

13835 Small cleanup in System-Changes

13836 Clean up RecentSubmissions more

13834 Small Completion Cleanup

13838 Update Zn+Zdc August 2014

13817 remove setting for showing diffs in change list

13807 nil protocol and unclassified in ValueLink

13805 mustBeBooleanMagicIn: can crash the vm

13773 implement drawOnAthensCanvas on MenuItemMorph and MenuLineMorph

13754 cleaning strings API

13815 Finder: remove non-needed preference

13826 Extended search… fooled by block arguments

13789 AthensWrapMorph can not paint gradient fill

13806 Remove ThreadSafeTranscriptPluggableTextMorph

13787 Implement SequenceableCollection >> reverseWithIndexDo:

13526 System Browser Add Class menu item doesn t offer current class as a superclass

13814 DiffMethodReferenceConverter not needed

13816 Unify default method templates + Shout critique clean

13813 Nautilus Refactoring 7: rename methods

13821 Concentrate tools shortcuts in a single class

13097 Keymapping: Cmd-n Cmd-c gives error message

13027 KeyCombination pretty printing is broken

13801 BlockClosureTest failing

13799 Forward port 4: 13796 DNU ReadWriteStream>>fileIn in SmalltalkEditor>>fileItIn

13804 #acceptBasic leads to #mustBeBoolean error (which is catcher by an on: Error do:[]]

13803 Inspecting a Dictionary is broken

13802 failing test: testLocalMethodsOfTheClassShouldNotBeRepeatedInItsTraits

13795 Browsing certain classes takes several seconds

13800 another small SystemNavigation cleanup

13798 empty package UI can be deleted

13639 RealEstateAgent

13797 RecentMessages: remove useAsSet Preference

13775 Move two methods from SystemNavigation to AbstractTool

11709 remove old ObjectExplorer

13770 Restore Menu Item to Add accessors for anInstVar

13771 User Permission cannot be read from User

13794 Make Tools-Explorer unloadable

13793 Enable new Pointer Explorer

13764 Simplify RecentSubmissions

13774 EyePointerExplorer

13792 remove #callers

13784 Color>>#asColorref ignores blue

13777 remove empty package Settings-Monticello

13780 Wrong compilation context in mustBeBooleanInMagic:

13762 OCInstanceVariable not needed

13788 Unused method in StringMorph

13776 EyeSyntaxTreeInspector

13759 Small Code critique pass over 3 tools packages

13760 Continue remvoving RGFactory

13763 SyntaxErrorNotification: errorMessage ivar not needed

13782 add preference the DEBUG menu entires of Nautilus

13767 packagetree changes visible selection even if okToChange is false

13778 Workspace: fix non-declared temp vars

13781 class Refactor not needed

13752 4 tests failing on main build due to the decompiler

13766 DictionaryValueHolder>>#at:ifAbsentPut: always use a caught DNU

13768 EyeInspector BasicIndexedEyeElement hash is too slow

SXSoundEx for Pharo

Hi all

As part of a recent project I was asked to create a small soundex thingy.

I told the company that I’d do it but it’d be opensource and I’d give it to the community.
They agreed so here it is!
You can find it here!/~riverdusty/SXSoundEx
Hope it’ll be useful for someone.


Gareth Cox
IT Manager/Developer
Inspired Org (PTY) Ltd
tell: +27 (0)21 531 5404
cell: +27 (0)78 374 9035

Jasny bootstrap


The Bootstrap wrapping project for Seaside now has also support for the Jasni Bootstrap 
extension (see

Seaside Examples can be found on the following URL's

Hope this is useful.


New Woden Video


In a previous email I presented an early video of Woden, my new graphics engine written in Pharo. Here I have a new video in which I show some of the features of Woden:


With Alex, we started rewriting Roassal 3D using Woden, which can be seen in the second half of the video.

I will try to show many more demos in ESUG.

It also should be possible now to load Woden using the following script:

Gofer new smalltalkhubUser: ‘ronsaldo’ project: ‘Woden’; package: ‘ConfigurationOfWoden’; load. (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfWoden) loadBleedingEdge

Later I will make a stable configuration version.


Live Robot Programming

Hi all,

it’s with great joy that I can announce the project that my PhD student Miguel and I have been working on recently: Live Robot Programming, or LRP for short.

LRP is a live programming language designed for the creation of the behavior layer of robots. It is fundamentally a nested state machine language built with robotics applications in mind, but it is not bound to a specific robot middleware, API or OS. Have a look at one minute of LRP programming to get an idea of what it is like:

Live programming is fun, and live robot programming even more so, as it brings all the advantages of live programming to programming a robot. You get direct manipulation of a running robot, and that’s just cool beyond words. As an example of LRP on a robot, this guy was programmed in LRP: Note that you can use LRP ‘just’ for live programming nested state machines as well.

More information on LRP is available on its website: where you can also find download instructions. 

LRP is implemented in Pharo, and uses Roassal2 for the visualization of its state machines. We currently can steer the Lego Mindstorms EV3 and ROS robots, thanks to a small layer on top of the cool Pharo support that Jannik, Luc, Santiago and Noury are implementing at Douai. I am going to look into support for the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0esug in a few weeks. 

Miguel will be at ESUG next week (I cannot make it), and has a talk at the IWST workshop about LRP, in the morning session. I am sure that he will also be happy to give demos of LRP if you ask him to (but sadly without a robot).

All feedback is welcome, and … have fun!

Johan Fabry   –

HelloPharo: Smooth deployment of Pharo Web Apps


At Ta Mère, we are used to deploy Ruby/Rails application with Heroku or on VPS with Capistrano. Almost everybody uses the same tools and techniques in the Rails community so deployment is quite easy once you grasp the process.

The same process was quite frustrating with Pharo. To solve that, we’ve built HelloPharo. It is a tool to deploy small apps to a Linux VPS/VM.

It is heavily inspired by Capistrano, it prones convention over configuration and it wants to be full stack (e.g., serve the assets, restart the processes). It is built with Ansible.
We haven’t released a fixed version yet but the tool starts to be in a good-enough shape to be shown. We want to grab some feedback and fix the most obvious limitations (see the README for more) before releasing version 0.1.0.
If you or your company uses a well defined process to deploy pharo webapps, we are all ears. We think that having a canonical way to deploy simple apps is a must if we want to see wider Pharo adoption for small web companies. This process *must* be Unix friendly if we want to attract Python or Ruby people. Most of them are Devops anyway, the command line is their friend, NOT something they want to avoid.
Pull requests (for code or instructions in the README) are more than welcome. The code and the documentation are MIT licensed.


[ANN] TinyMCE for Seaside


if you want to use the TinyMCE Editor in your web application
with Seaside then you should/could use this one:

Project + Documentation!/~TorstenBergmann/TinyMCE

Simple Demo:

Nothing special, just a simple file library and an
example on how to use it. But maybe it safes others some


Bootstrap 0.10.0 with Twitter Bootstrap v3.2.0 and Lighthouse sample app


the Bootstrap project (!/~TorstenBergmann/Bootstrap)
was updated to include the latest Twitter Bootstrap library v.3.2.0

Also you can now use:
 - an RTL/LTR version included for BIDI language applications 
   (see #bootstraprtlminCss and #bootstraprtlCss

 - #tbsContainerFluid beside #tbsContainer.

How to try out:
 1. load "Bootstrap" from Configuration browser in Pharo 3.0
 2. evaluate   

       ZnZincServerAdaptor startOn: 8080

 3. point browser to http://localhost:8080/bootstrap

Side note:
As the config also loads newer seaside you may also notice the return
of the "Seaside Control Panel" in the Tools menu aftwards where you
can also control the server as described in the regular Seaside docu.