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PolyMath moved to github

Thank to the terrific work of Cyril, all the PolyMath code is now
available on github:

With a lot of magic tricks, Cyril was able to preserve part of the history of the project:

This is nice to all the commits that we have done sine more than 3 years, available as git commits now !

​Thank you again Cyril !

[Ann] PolyMath Release

We are pleased to announce the release of PolyMath 0.101
PolyMath is a numerical computing and data analysis library on top of Pharo.
The code is available here:
and can be loaded in a fresh Pharo 6.1 image with:
Metacello new 
  repository: '';
  configuration: 'PolyMath';
  version: '0.101';
The current work is mostly focused on cleaning the codebase in order to release the 1.0 version for September 2018. Please help us, by looking at the issues here: , joining #polymath channel on Discord or polymath mailing-list:!forum/polymath-project
Serge Stinckwich

Dr. Geo release 18.06

We are please to announce the Dr. Geo release 18.06. It follows the 
release 17.07 in July 2017.
A large part of the effort was to port Dr. Geo from the Pharo 3 to Pharo 
7 Smalltalk development environment.
In addition to usual bug fixes several features were added.

*Mini changelog:*
- Dedicated Script browser
- Inspector on Smalltalk Sketch
- Positioning zoom
- Unit tests based on Smalltalk sketch
- Lan share
- Graphic user interface theme
- Fullscreen option
- Lots of bug fixes

Read the complete announcement <>

Dr. Geo is always looking for volunteers to translate 
<> its user interface.

Hilaire Fernandes

PharoLauncher V1.2

Hi all,

I just released PharoLauncher 1.2. It includes a new windows installer that you can use without administrator privileges as well as binary signing for OS X and Windows. Also, Pharo Launcher is not anymore identified as ‘Pharo’ application and comes with its own icon.

Here is the changelog (details on <>):
New features:
	#21 Bless the DMG
	#46 sign pharo launcher app for windows
	#103 No way to rename a local template
	#107 Unable to add a description for the image using the Launcher UI
	#121 You can't see/sort images by last modified date
	#69 Import command should also import pharo-local directory
	#70 Import command should delete origin folder if empty
	#73 Managers of Download of VMs and images should be in their own packages
	#76 Use https instead of http to requests the pharo file server
	#82 Official Distributions loads 32bit versions on 64bit System (i.e. provide better information on templates architecture)
	#86 Sort Existing Images Case-Insensitive
	#98 Copy and subfolders problem (contents no copied)
	#101 Templates from a local image are listed in "downloaded". "local" would be a better name
	#102 Template Cleared at Startup setting is enabled, making it weird when trying to use the template feature
	#106 Import could work if we select the parent folder of an image
	#109 Use latest pre-Spur VM to determine the image version
	#122 The Run without settings icon looks like a funny grey/which blob (missing alpha correction)
Bux fixes:
	#41 #selectedMorphList was sent to nil
	#67 bash is not a command usable under windows
	#68 Does not launch images on Windows
	#85 Double click on an existing image open a file selector
	#88 Pharo Launcher on Windows > Failing
	#104 GUI bug makes Launcher unusable
	#110 Image launch not reliable on Windows
	#119 MessageNotUnderstood exception on launch
	#123 The status bar of the Launcher is broken, so can't easily show image descriptions 

Big thanks to all contributors: code, issues report, comments, advices.
You can get platform bundles from pharo download page or <>: <>

Web-stack new version: June release


RenoirSt 6.0.0

  • Extended Seaside tag brushes to allow sending setStyleTo: and use the Renoir facilities to provide an inline style.
  • The library now automatically performs the lookup of constants.

Full changelog and migration notes here.

Willow 10.1.0

Changes since last announcement (v 8.0.2 ):

  • Improved table support
  • Implemented apply: in the tag brushes. Now you can use the same command interface used for Willow components in standard seaside tags.
  • Implemented with:applying: in tag brushes.
  • Added #interactUsing: to tag brushes so it’s easier to apply a WebInteractionInterpreter.
  • setStyleTo: in the commands now lookups the CSS property values automatically (so the second parameter in the block is no longer supported)
  • Access to constants in the commands now uses >> and symbols instead of message sending, to ease the extension in dependent projects.
  • Added command to ease the ARIA roles setup.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Internal clean-ups

Full changelog and migration guide: v9.0.0, v10.0.0 and v10.1.0.

Willow Bootstrap 10.1.0

Changes since last announcement (v 8.0.2):

  • Bootstrap plugins now automatically convert constants.
  • Improved internals using the new ARIA role API.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Internal clean-ups

Full changelog and migration guide: v10.0.0 and v10.1.0.

Willow JQueryUI 9.0.0

Changes since last announcement (v 7.1.0):

  • Internal clean-ups
  • Updated dependencies

Full changelog and migration guide here.

Willow SpinKit 6.0.0

Updated dependencies.

Willow Mixpanel 2.0.0

Updated dependencies.

Willow Playground 7.0.0

Changes since last announcement (v 5.0.0):

  • Use the new table interaction affordances.
  • Provide an AJAX error handler example.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Use the new RenoirSt and Willow affordances.

[Ann] Iceberg V1.1.1

Hi everybody,

This week we have a small patch release of Iceberg, version v1.1.1.
This version will be available in the next Pharo build.

In summary, this release fixes two issues with the new credentials manager,
and introduces a couple of other enhancements/bugfixes.

Below you will find the detailed changes log.

Integrate Iceberg 1.1.1

#864 <> Repairing Missing
repositories lead to wrong source directory
#861 <> update tonel to
#836 <> DefaultBackendType
class variable is unused
#862 <> Iceberg tests are
not running in Pharo 7
#852 <> Make error dialogs
#858 <> IceTipReadOnlyTextMorph
does not allow select and copy anymore
#850 <> Change Detached head
status from error to warning if we are on a tag
#853 <> Clone dialog
"username" is confusing
#860 <> CredentialStore API
#854 <> Error in History

Collecting sensor data with PharoThings

On this page you can see the temperature, humidity and pressure data of my room in Inria, in real time (or almost real, 10 min between the data …)

Allex Oliveira

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 14.03.53.png

News from PharoThings

The first words of PharoThings on LCD HD44780.

The breadboard is to better organize the components. It’s easier manipulate the wires using it.

In that breadborad, I has 3 sensors (MCP9808, BME280, ADXL345), 2 leds, 2 buttons and 1 LCD. The potentiometer is to control the energy power to LCD.
More volts is more contrast on LCD.
Allex Oliviera


1500 pull requests closed :)


As of today, we closed 1500 pull requests: <>

These of course range from trivialities to merging sub-systems with hundreds of commits…