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Future new widget sets is coming to you

Aliaksei Syrel announced a new list for Brick (the new widget core) on top of Bloc (the future morph core designed by Alain Plantec – You can get access to Bloc via the launcher in the contribution list).

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 21.11.47

Main features:
 – List doesn’t care what kind of morphs to contain.
 – Flexible height of elements. Any will do.
 – Items can resize.
 – Elements can be partially visible.
 – Different kind of caches.
 – Selection strategies.
Short demo video:
If you want to play load:
Examples included.

New list widget under development

Esteban Lorenzano started to develop a new list widget to replace all the widgets into Pharo.

You can load it using

Gofer it
smalltalkhubUser: 'estebanlm' project: 'FastTable';

My idea is to ask community help finish it.

Implementation uses datasources to feed the list, so in theory you can browse infinite rows without loosing speed.
according to my tests (in my machine):

[ Object browse ] timeToRun asMilliSeconds. -> ~3000ms (without cache)
[ Object browse ] timeToRun asMilliSeconds. -> ~350ms (with cache active)
[ Object browse ] timeToRun asMilliSeconds. -> ~150ms with FastTable, always.

There is an adaptor FTPluggableIconListMorphAdaptor that has the same format as a PluggableIconListMorph so changing already existing calls will be easy (even if there should not be done like that in the long term 🙂

So, so far, list works fine, but

– still missing drag&drop support
– there are some issues remaining:
— cells escaping his width
— last elements in long lists sometimes are not visible

some details has to be around too… but this is a good design, taken from Cocoa… is years better than the naive implementation of old PluggableListMorph and better than the strategy used by NewList (spawning threads all around).

Please, help me finish!
Repository is open so anybody can contribute.

FTExamples has a set of wxamples with all things implemented 🙂


ps: I already has the adaptor working with Nautilus, but since it depends on some changes on it I will wait until is integrated to push it. But basically if you want to try you just need to go to: CategoryWidget>>#buildCategoriesList, ClassWidget>>#buildClassesList and MethodWidget>>#buildMethodList and change PluggableIconListMorph with FTPluggableIconListMorphAdaptor

Pharo pi machine

Got my Raspberry Pi B+ with a Tontec® 3.5 touch screen display
to bootstrap into Pharo.

The Raspberry Pi from CI (
worked out of the box on Raspbian. Nice!

Torsten B.


A system monitoring for Pharo images

Finally I’ve found some time to release some of my code I’ve been using the last years. It is a project around system monitoring. It defines system parameters to watch and integrates them with popular tools like munin, monit and nagios/icinga/… As an example the following picture shows the monitoring of the vm memory over a day.


System monitoring is basically about monitoring system parameters in order to send alerts when thresholds are exceeded or to plot graphs that enables one to estimate further progression of image behaviour.

The code is here!/~NorbertHartl/Monitoring

and an introduction article (more will follow) to it is here

Feedback is welcomed!

Hopy you enjoy it. And bug me if you have questions or something is not working.


Parsing code with syntax errors

We can parse code with syntax errors: it generates partial ASTs with the faulty part of the input as a RBParseErrorNode.

Only three methods are needed to allow generating executable methods from such an AST: the SyntaxErrorNotification
 is raised at runtime instead of compile time.

    | ast cm |
    ast := OpalCompiler new
                source: 'method 3+';
                useFaultyForParsing: true;
    self assert: ast isMethod.
    self assert: ast isFaulty.
    cm := ast compiledMethod.
    self should: [cm valueWithReceiver: nil arguments: #()] raise: SyntaxErrorNotification

The syntax error instance is compiled in via a literal variable, in the end the only thing needed was:

visitParseErrorNode: anErrorNode  
		pushLiteralVariable: #error -> anErrorNode asSyntaxErrorNotification;
		send: #signal.

This is in #50044.

Future work: introduce a RuntimeSyntaxError that can be turned off per error and globally.


Mixed Number

I wrote a little tool to print fractions/decimals as mixed numbers. Enjoy :)

Gofer it
	smalltalkhubUser: 'SeanDeNigris' project: 'SeansPlayground';
	package: 'MixedNumberPrinter';
Usage Examples:
	1.25 mixedNumberString = '1¼'. "use special ASCII characters when possible"
	1.125 mixedNumberString = '1 1/8'

Sean De Nigris

New release of Teapot


Teapot 0.91 released today.

Teapot is micro web framework that focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Here's a summary of changes:
 - Routes and before/after filters may include conditions (see the example
 - Routes can be defined with /any:/ that serves as a wildcard matching any
http method
 - Added /charSet:/ accessor to TeaResponse


Teapot on 
    GET: 'test' -> result; when: [:req | req accept = 'application/json'];

More information:!/~zeroflag/Teapot

The Garage database driver API

Hi all,

I’m pleased to announce the release 0.1 of Garage, a database driver API. Garage is meant to be a common interface to access several database servers, in a JDBC style.
The current version works in Pharo3 and Pharo4 and includes drivers for:
 – mysql (pure smalltalk)
 – postgres (pure smalltalk)
 – sqlite (using ffi)
 – opendbx (allowing connecting with several db vendors, using ffi)
We have a nice test suite (that maybe you can help to enlarge) that is tested every day in Jenkins [1].
Also, in garage’s website [2] you’ll find
 – installation instructions
 – basic usage
 – documentation of features such as statements, transactions, cursored fetches.
 – issue tracker, backlog and other information
Feedback (and contributions) are very welcome!

Pharo 50 is starting fast…

15457 Update Zinc to handle some deprecations in Pharo 5

15463 Rubric turns text to transparent when styling
15164 Misleading error message for nonexisting Package (String>>asPackage)

15373 forward port 15322 “Save As” does not properly save filenames with dots in them, like “one.two” or “one.two.image”

15458 fix #mustBeBoolean handling for #or:

15451 AST Shout: should recognize incomplete class names and color them correctly

15446 Enhance RadioButtonGroup

15448 remove package Play

15430 Integrate new versionner
15422 SHTextStyler>>#styleInBackgroundProcess: should not set the text if styling process was terminated

15443 AST based highlighter: DNU sometimes

15437 remove writeToSlot:of:

15447 Links with MetaContext

15436 emitStore: should not send writeToSlot:of:

15444 OldClassBuilderAdapter: move checks into SlotClassBuilder (first step)

15438 Update Rubric

15440 remove deprecated references to #allRangesOfSubString: in TextMorphForEditView

14080 Nuke remaining subStringXyzs

15435 MetaLink: invalidate all methods when state of link ist changed

15429 remove coupling from monticello GUI with metacello

15433 issue 15426 breaks NEC-Completion

15235 Faster Morphic>>removeHalo

15426 SHRBTextStyler does not work for all predefined styles

15427 Link Condition: Test + fix conditions for links

15259 Remove paintTabIcon

15426 SHRBTextStyler does not work for all predefined styles

15427 Link Condition: Test + fix conditions for links

15259 Remove paintTabIcon
15421 fix offset in SHRBTextStyler

15300 MNU: Association>>adaptToNumber:andSend:

15398 Deprecated StartupLoader should present migration instructions

15405 Suggestion menu SystemNavigation(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #browseClassRefsOf:

15420 Forward port 15417 TestRunner does not offer the RunCoverage functionality

15419 Pharo3Theme installFullTheme background is too dark

15424 #removeInstVarNamed: should just call #removeSlot:

15416 Load new Athens configuration (3.4)

15414 TxText Cleanup for Pharo 5.0 #1
15249 Comment RBEnvironment classes

15412 SHParserST80 class>#new not needed

15413 fix AST based syntax colouring
15395 Cleanup #1: Lots of little things

15401 MessageNotUnderstood: Association>>translated

15400 comment window announcement classes

15388 RBRepeteadMethodsInTheSuperclassRule duplicates RBEquivalentSuperclassMethodsRule

12595 Add Morph>>#asText

15338 OrderedDictionary changes to merge
15372 forward port pharaoh: 15339 Monticello with spotter extension methods throws MNU errors when browsing packages in repos that don

15380 Failing test: ClassTest.testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait
15384 kommiter throws DNU when browsing remotes

15380 Failing test: ClassTest.testClassRespectsPolymorphismWithTrait

15379 Failing Test: MatrixTest>>#testOneColumnOnly

15378 Pharo5 0003: Nautilus start with pre-set filter
15385 Improving ParseTreeSearcher and RewriterTests

15386 Clean up OldClassBuilderAdapter (first step)
15387 Put back simplistic link code generation support+ enable test

15332 [Spec Help] protocol and protocol-events dont exist anymore

15349 The menu in the PharoTutorial has an erroneous label

15377 StartupLoader leftovers in StartupPreferencesLoader

15354 Add <script> to #open in Monticello tools

15355 Add MetaRepo for Pharo 40 in 5.0 config browser, also fix example method

15330 NumberParser>>#isNumber:

15368 unload Deprecate40 in Pharo5

15288 Shortcuts in text editor are hardcoded