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Pharo contributor is a simple tool to help you contributing to Pharo.

now provides two videos demonstrating how this tool can be used as an alternative to easily contribute to latest Pharo 7



Call for new GC testers

Hi all.

We’ve been working on a GC with lower pause time recently and we are looking for people working with images over 2 Gb to tune it (Deployed applications, not interested in quick hacks). We can sign NDAs if required.

Companies and people helping us will be guaranteed that the GC about to be deployed will be fine-tuned for the use-cases they provided. To evaluate and tune it properly, we need three kind of use-cases (>2 Gb):

– an image growing from a small size to a large size

– an image performing random accesses on objects on a large heap

– an image decreasing memory

The best would be for us 3 DoIts performing the 3 examples with low dependencies aside from the image so we can reproduce easily.

Clément Bera <>

[Ann] OSSubprocess 1.0.0

Hi all,

News from the OSSubprocess side. For those who do not know it, OSSubprocess is the library to call external processes from Pharo.

These are the main points of this release.

- 64bits support
- Issues Working on both Pharo 6 and 7
- Issue #34: Adding tests to validate that the return code is correctly handled
- Issue #27: Cleanup: remove OSSubprocess-Tests package
- PR #26: Add stress tests

This version works for Pharo >=6. Users of Pharo5 will need to stick with v0.2.5, because of non-compatible changes in uFFI (required mostly for 64 bits).

- We moved the repository to pharo-contribution to remove pressure from Mariano for releases and integrations
- We updated the configuration in the catalog
- We decided to move to a 1.0.0 versioning schema because 0.* does look like the library is not stable and it actually is (We have been using it in pillar and iceberg for quite some time).

You can load this version from the catalog or using with:

Metacello new
   baseline: 'OSSubprocess';
   repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/OSSubprocess:v1.0.0/repository';

Detailed changes log in

If you have any issues (or PR!), we wait for your issue entry in

Have a nice weekend,

Guille Polito

Research Engineer

[Ann] Containers-UniqueOrdered


Just a short notice to announce a newcomer to the Containers project. Now we have OrderedSets or UniqueOrderedCollection.

Stef (talking less Pharoing more)


[ANN] OSC and TUIO on github


A short notice to announce that OSC and TUIO smalltalkhub packages are now available at

Stef (talking less pharoing more)


[ANN] TelescopeCytoscape for Seaside v1.0.0


Telescope is an engine for efficiently creating meaningful
visualizations. It allow users to create models of visualizations and to
render them via connectors to visualization frameworks.

Until now, it was hosted on SmalltalkHub and we just migrated it to Github.

We also finished the v1.0.0 of the CytoscapeJs
( Telescope connector. It is build on top of
Seaside to use visualizations as components.

You can find the project at:

And a demo at:

Cyril Ferlicot

30/4-6/05 Esteban ChangeLog


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 30 April 2018 to 6 May 2018.
You can see it in a better format by going here:


3 May 2018:

*    I took some time to polish a long time waiting PR: [](, which finally 
    closed [case: 20878]( and incidentally cleaned up some dependencies with old Compiler we no longer need. 
    Not bad :)
*    I spent last 5 working days working on a change on metacello that I thought it was going to be just a morning. 
    Considering murphy's law of estimations, I'm still 5 days early ;)
    ... but I'm not done (even if PR is working, you can see it [here](, 
    I'm waiting for some feedback from Dale (there are some problems on gemstone side and I need help for it).
    Anyway. this PR basically makes tonel format available even when declaring +filetree://+ repositories (+filetree://+
    now is just a declaration of "smalltalk format", not binded to +cypress+ as before). 
    This should provide backward compatibility on baselines (who can still be declared with +github://+ etc. protocol) and 
    makes tonel format available up to Pharo 3.0 versions (since it does not depends on iceberg presence anymore).


[ANN] Heimdall logging manager for Seaside v1.0.0


Guillaume Larcheveque begun a simple login manager for Seaside.

I just finished to port it to github and we released the v1.0.0.

It is still experimental and help is welcomed.

Project can be found at:

Cyril Ferlicot

[ANN] PrismCodeDisplayer for Seaside v1.0.0


We just finished the release v1.0.0 of PrismCodeDisplayer for Seaside.

Prism ( is a lightweight, robust,
elegant syntax highlighting library.

The Seaside binding allows to:
    Display code
    See line numbers
    Select code and act on the selection
    Customize the style of some text intervals
    Add links to text intervals
    Add a search feature
    Have a dynamic loading of the text content
    Copy the text content
    Have a minimap

Project can be found at:

Demo at:

Cyril Ferlicot

Book Update: Voyage


I published a new version of the Voyage booklet. It includes a pattern to support tests and description of excluded attributes.

Available at: