[Ann] Chrysal: a library to manage configuration files

Chrysal is a library to express and manage external configurations expressed as STON files. Chrysal is the successor of Cocoon but it does not use any magical things like DNU and Magritte. Chrysal is purely static, it means that given a list of items, a reader class is generated that manages the conversion between the two worlds (what the end-users is declaring and what the application needs). At runtime a generated Chrysal configuration can be a subclass of a domain subclass of Chrysal configuration. This way we can define behavior that will not be lost during the recompilation of the chrysal configuration (the one based on the actual description).

  • Chrysal creates at compile time a reader that is responsible for mapping end-user expressed configurations to their internal representations (for example a ‘a/b/c.html’ into a file reference object).
  • In addition at runtime a configuration object can customize the default behavior of the generated reader.
  • Finally the configuration developer can extend Chrysal to support new data.



PharoJS V22 is out.

Hi, PharoJS V22 is out. It mainly provides a fix to deal with the GitHub restructuring due to migration to Pharo 7.0. Below you’ll find PharoJS V22 Release Log


[ANN] New Pharo 6.1 stable VM


Following what I had in my todo list for when coming back from ESUG, I promoted a new stable VM for Pharo 6.1.
This is the VM that has been tested during almost two months for Pharo 7.0, so it should be fine, but let me know if there is any problem.


Why being a Pharo Association Member matters?

Hi Pharo supporters
First I would like thank you. And I would like to show you that your membership in the Pharo association is really
helping Pharo. We are creating a precise report but the main message is the same.
You concretely help Pharo.
First,  we would like to really thank you for your support because as you will see it is important. Your contributions are making an impact.


Until now, the association did not make visible how was spent the money from your membership. It’s time to fix this.
In the first place, the support we got from last year enable the creation of monthly activities helping with the development of Pharo. The association is now the support for the following ones:
  • Sprint organisations: Every month sprints to correct Pharo bugs are organised. You can join remotely or organise one at your location
  • TechTalks: Every month a technical talk is been done to give visibility on Pharo process and Pharo projects and interact with the community to get feedback
Next, your association contributions are securing vital Pharo infrastructures. It pays:
  • The domains such as pharo.org.
  • The hosting files.pharo.org: This year we moved out of Inria infrastructure because we could not identify the cause of a huge network latency. It got resolved – it was a fiber which was in bad condition but not cut. This was fixed at the level of Renater national back-bone layer, but we decided to stay outside. We plan to migrate to a better service.
  • The wild apricot software which manages the association. It will enable us to do more with the association. (40$/month)
  • The newsletter via Mailchimp. This newsletter is a real success with more than 2300 recipients . You get see the archive at https://us11.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=6f667565c2569234585a7be77&id=048680a940 (30$/month)
  • The mailing-lists are managed with Mailname a professional service.
On another note, we would like to remember the advantages of being an association member:
  • Reduction for the PharoDays

[Ann] Fluid particule engine

Developed by T. Oda a really nice Fluid particule engine.

[Ann] Books.pharo.org

Hi Pharoers

We are proud to announce the publication of HTML version as well as PDF of the booklets: Voyage, Scraping, Glorp, Reflective Core, and Phsyche on http://books.pharo.org.

Pillar has now a streamlined way to support the publications of full books on the web with a nice format. More books are in preparation and will be migrated to the new Pillar version.

Pillar 70 will also support personal web site and hosting on github.io.

Thanks Asbath/Samakhov and Guillep for their constant push over the last 6 months.


[Ann] GeoHash for Pharo


Pharo package to decode/encode Geohashes to/from latitude and longitude (geolocation). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geohash

Iceberg 1.2.2

Iceberg 1.2.2

# Bugfixes

#961 Authentification error while connecting with HTTPS
#965 Walkback – #nextChildNodeStartingFrom:suchThat:ifNone: committing selected code to branch (repo with ./dev/src)
#967 Merging a Commit that does not have Smalltalk Code
#962 DNU when loading with metacello and gitlocal

# Cleanups

#972 use instanceSide/classSide instead of other API
#964 Rename “Add Local Repository” into “Import from disk”


The iceberg team