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Talk at the Smalltalk Users Group Japan


Just a little note, I published a version of the presentation that I will give tomorrow during the monthly meeting of Japanese Smalltalkers.


Domain and tools hand in hand


What I REALLY like in Pharo is that people can build domain AND tools to go faster understanding and developing their domain.

Here is an example developed by Osoco a company in Spain. They developed Bloom Filter Sets but also the tools to understand if their implementation is good. Amazing experience.

It is so well done!


[ann ] Dr. Geo release 19.06

I am pleased to announce the Dr. Geo release 19.06, the GNU interactive
geometry software. It follows the release 19.03 in March 2019.

– New features
– Bugs fix
– Updated French user guide <>
– New book “Programmer des math avec Dr. Geo” <>. WIP – Feedback appreciated!

See details in the change log file in the software or read the bugs fix
list <>.

Download <>.


Dr. Geo

[ann] IPFS for Pharo

Hi everyone,

Over the last weeks I have started to explore IPFS more seriously.
IPFS, the Inter-Planetary File System, is supposed to be the
next-generation Web: a decentralized content-addressed database.

Since there is nothing better then Pharo for exploring databases,
I have started to write an IPFS interface to Pharo:

It connects to a local IPFS server, so you have to have one
running. It’s surprisingly straightforward to install and configure,
unless you have to fight with firewalls that block IPFS traffic.

Feedback of any kind is welcome!