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[ANN] ba-st Web Stack new versions available


We’re happy to announce a new version of the Web Stack hosted at This is a multi-release announcement of the following related project versions:

  • Willow v6.0.0. Changes since latest announcement:
    • Added interaction on document load
    • Improved temporarily disabling command
    • Added identification support to unordered lists
    • Improved new location opening commands
    • Improved interaction functions to always include the event as a parameter
    • Improved asynchronous links to auto-configure a script doing preventDefault
    • Refactored the link support
  • Willow-Bootstrap v6.0.0
    • Updated Willow base support to v6.0.0
    • Improved Split Button support to allow triggering actions on the main button only
  • Willow-JQueryUI v5.0.0
    • Updated Willow base support to v6.0.0
  • Willow-SpinKit v3.0.0
    • Updated Willow base support to v6.0.0
  • Willow-Playground v2.0.0
    • Updated dependencies to the latest versions
  • RenoirSt v4.0.0
    • Removed Pharo 4 support
    • Updated dependencies

SemanticUI integration is still a work in progress. There’s a new Materialize CSS integration being worked on by Francisco Ortiz.

Find a more detailed changelog and migration instructions on the release pages of each repository.

Anyone interested in joining our ba-st projects is welcomed, and you can also start following our new tech blog @ mercap for Smalltalk and Pharo related posts and experience reports.


Gabriel Cotelli, Maxi Tabacman and all the contributors.


Iceberg 0.6.8 backported to 6.1


I backported iceberg 0.6.8 to Pharo 6.1, so now it is in sync with the version on Pharo 7.0


Cloudflare and Pharo

I needed to pass through a Cloudflare guard so made a tiny library that others may find useful.

Also I wrote a post detailing the background behind it…
cheers -ben (OSS error tracking platform) SDK for Pharo


I’ve made an experimental SDK for to track errors in end-user installations.
Also usable as a Logger for Beacon (which I guess should be the primary way to use this).
… and  as an extension for Debugger (basically a replacement for ShoreLine, which is too simplistic for my needs).

Signed VMs and Restored build process

Which means latest vm versions are latest builds from OSVM:





• MacOS VMs now are signed! This should fix a lot of problems we had before.
• Please take note that win64 build lacks all library dependencies, and many things will not work (working on that).
Thanks to Fabio to help me put all the pieces together.


I2C support to PharoThings and WiringPi

I added I2C support to PharoThings and WiringPi.
Now you can ask the board instance for I2C connection:
i2cConnection := board connectToI2CDevice: 4.
And then read/write data using wiringpi functions like:

i2cConnection readData.
i2cConnection read8BitsAt: 16r32 “register”.

i2cConnection writeData: 16rAB.
i2cConnection write8BitsAt: 16r32 “register” data: 16rA5.

I added also I2CDevice as superclass for simple i2c devices. There is example of accelerometer ADXL345. Look for details.
Best regards,