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New OOP/OOD/TDD lecture starting…

Hi all

Monday we are starting a new lecture on OOP/OOD with Pharo in TDD mode at University of Prague.

I created a dedicated Mooc based on the Pharo Mooc.

We will use the following new book ”

Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design with TDD in Pharo”


New Pharo booklet!

Scraping HTML with XPath

Available at

S. Ducasse and P. Kenny

More tutorials for Pharo: XPath

Some new tutorials are in preparation…. a first one is about Web scraping and XPath.

Beta version (please comment)

Stef D. and Peter. K

Esteban’s ChangeLog week of 18 September 2017


This is my weekly ChangeLog, from 18 September 2017 to 24 September 2017.
You can see it in a better format by going here:


22 September 2017:

* Yesterday I worked on a new version of [metacello](
for Pharo 7.0 that incorporates latest fixes and specially, adds support for [tonel](

After some tries, it is ready to be loaded and older Pharo versions can update executing:

Metacello new
baseline: ‘Metacello’;
repository: ‘github://metacello/metacello:pharo-6.1_dev/repository’;
onConflict: [:ex | ex allow];

(do not fear, even if is a 6.1 branch, it will load properly also on Pharo 3.0+)

Now, I discovered a remaining problem, []( (I will
fix this today) but most of the time this will be painless.

20 September 2017:

* … and today we make linux i386 and x86 [headless VM]( to build and (aparently), work 🙂

19 September 2017:

* Today Ronie and I finished the [build of real headless VMs](
for macOS (both i386 and x86) versions.

Now, we stopped here because linux is more complicated (oh yes, at least once :P): since all configuration
is made with autoconf and Ronie’s’ builds are made with CMake, now we need to adapt more than we
wanted. Anyway, tomorrow we’ll do another pass… or maybe we will start with Windows, to see if
this time also there is easier 😉


libssh2 for Pharo


I just want share my little experiments with libssh2. I think somebody can be interested with it and maybe will improve what I did which is now in very raw and initial state.
Libssh2 library is now distributed with Pharo. And it was very enticing to try it from Pharo.
Another reason behind it is the idea to make secure transport for Seamless and related remote tools.
So I wrapped several functions in libssh2 library. And now I am able to send data to server using secure ssh channel. Also I can execute shell commands on remote server from playground.
Best regards,

BlockStyler for Pharo!

Hi everyone,

I built a little syntax highlighting extension for the Nautilus source code pane, which puts a background color behind blocks, so that nested blocks are easily recognizable.
Install with:
Metacello new
baseline: ‘BlockStyler’;
Doesn’t work with “Format as you read”, just as the IconStyler. If anybody has an idea how to integrate it properly into Nautilus as a plugin, let me know. Currently it’s an ugly meta-link hack to get access to the sourceTextModel.

[Pharo 70] enhancements coming to you

20077 Class instance variable lowercase in EncodedCharSet

20411 ParserNotification subclasses should be renamed to verb style


20400 All #= methods should be properly categorized


20419 Uncategorized methods in BytecodeEncoder, BracketSliderMorph….

20422 Uncategorized methods in HEFraction, HEScaledDecimal, HashTesterTest,


20420 Ignore errors while sending emails


20413 LabelModel>>emphasis: was accidentally removed during P60->P70 migration


20412 Unstable Semaphore tests


20403 Clean class dependencies of Kernel-Tests


20391 FFI wants author initials


20414 Update Hermes to the latest stable version (78afdca)


20408 Unstable MutexTests

20406 update iceberg to v0.5.8

20116 Add is64bit and is32bit methods in order to distinguish between those two cases