Cryptography on github

After several attempts to solve the Cryptography package problems over the years I decided to move it on my own to github.

What I did:

- researched all authors and used the git migration tool to get the package from smalltalkhub to github 
- released a version 0.1 that should be exactly the same as the code on smalltalkhub for people that want to change
- fixed an occurrence of IfNotNilDo: in the Cryptography package to make it load in pharo7
- added a metacello baseline
- added a group „all" that loads everything like it is now with one package
- added travis files and enable travis checks for pull requests
- released a version 0.2 that contains the original code plus travis and metacello
- Started to cut off the ASN1, PKCS12 and X509 classes in separate packages
- Added to each new package a -Tests package containing tests
- constructed all dependencies in the baseline
- added a core group that loads the now slimmed down package solely

I must say this was really great with the help of promote-demote package tag functionality and the dependency browser. The only thing missing is kind of a tool to construct the metacello baseline. I miss Versionner here.

What I didn’t do:

- checking all the other packages in the repo. There are packages with old style ffi calls and things that seem to be squeak dependent.

I hope with the time and people’s complaints we can figure out what is obsolete and what needs to be adjusted.

The repository is now at <>

but I’m happy to move it to a better place if someone has an idea. 

Pull requests and tickets are welcome.

Hope you like it,

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