[ANN] Iceberg 0.5 released

Hi all,
I’m releasing 0.5 version of iceberg.
This is the changelog:
Major changes:
– works on 64bits
– adds cheery-pick
This version also includes a list of fixes, most important one is this:
– branchs are kept inline with local working copy (so if you change a branch in command line or in another image it will indicate it correctly)
But there are many others, next version will have a full list, I promise 🙂
Now, to actually use it you will need to accomplish several steps (until I update the image)
1) You need to download the new stable VM for P7 (it does not matters if you are on P6).
wget -O- get.pharo.org/64/vm70 | bash
wget -O- get.pharo.org/64/vmT70 | bash #If you are on linux
wget -O- get.pharo.org/vm70 | bash
wget -O- get.pharo.org/vmT70 | bash #If you are on linux
then, to update, execute this (sorry, this is like that because we have still an older Metacello version):
#(‘Iceberg-UI’ ‘Iceberg-Plugin’ ‘Iceberg-Metacello-Integration’ ‘Iceberg-Libgit’ ‘Iceberg’ ‘BaselineOfIceberg’ ‘LibGit-Core’ ‘BaselineOfLibGit’)
do: [ :each | each asPackage removeFromSystem ].
Metacello new
  baseline: ‘Iceberg’;
  repository: ‘github://pharo-vcs/iceberg‘;
There will be a version of 6.1 that provide Iceberg 0.5 but it requires different version of C plugins hence a different VM.

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