Web Browser Spring cleaning


Some of you may know or use "ExternalWebbrowser" (maintained in the past by me, started back in the times right after Squeak and 
based on FFI), also there was an "ExternalWebbrowser2" fork from Sean later. First project got outdated with transition to NB, 
the second one stopped working for Pharo 5 due to the transition from NativeBoost (NB) to Universal Foreign Function Interface (UFFI).

Two projects and now the broken code created a little bit a mess again in finding an easy way in opening an external webbrowser
from Pharo. Updating my "ExternalWebbrowser" would easily bring confusion to newbies who thing "ExternalWebbrowser2" 
is newer. Having a an "ExternalWebbrowser3" would be silly too. 

So I decided to fix all this by providing a general "WebBrowser" package which now should solve the issue of easily opening an 
external webbrowser once and for all for primary platforms (Unix/Mac/Windows). The simple design allows to add also other 
platforms later if necessary. 

I based it for Pharo 4 on NB and Pharo 5 onwards on the new UFFI - so YES you can use it in both Pharo versions uniformely and
the same way - which should simplify things now again. 

# Project page/Repository


# Description

General and platform independent WebBrowser access for Pharo 4.0 onwards based on NativeBoost, 
for Pharo 5.0 onwards based on UFFI

- Mac
- Unix (Linux flavours)
- Windows

# Usage

	WebBrowser openOn: 'http://www.pharo.org'

# Installation

You can load it either from Configuration Browser (Pharo 4),  Catalog/directly by typing "WebBrowser" into Spotter (Pharo 5 onwards)
or with the following load expression:

	Metacello new
		smalltalkhubUser: 'TorstenBergmann' project: 'WebBrowser';
		configuration: 'WebBrowser';

# Other

If you want to reference it in own configs note that version 0.1.0 is for Pharo 4 while 0.2.0 and following is for Pharo 5 onwards.



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