SmartSuggestions improvements


I started to simplify the “SmartSuggestions” code. What does it do? It adds the “suggestions” menu to the editor context menu.
This shows operations that make sense for the AST node at the cursor position.

-> removed lots of state from SugsSuggestion (label, position, …). Instead uses methods.
-> simplified how to define new suggestions.

Here is a small example: a menu to browse the definition of variables. First, we need to make a subclass of SugsSuggestion.

1) add a subclass of SugsSuggestion

SugsSuggestion subclass: #SugsBrowseVariableDefintion
instanceVariableNames: ”
classVariableNames: ”
package: ‘SmartSuggestions-Suggestion’

2)  define on the class side a method that defines for which AST nodes you want the menu
to be shown. Here it is all Variable Nodes:


3) On the instance side, we just need to define a label

^ ‘Browse Variable definition’ translated

4) and we need to define #execute which just implements what is supposed to happen:

| semanticVariable |
semanticVariable := context selectedNode binding.
semanticVariable isInstance ifTrue: [ ^semanticVariable slot definingClass browse ].
semanticVariable isTemp ifTrue: [ ^semanticVariable scope node method browse ].
semanticVariable isClassVariable ifTrue: [ ^semanticVariable scope getClass browse ].
semanticVariable isGlobal ifTrue: [ Smalltalk globals inspect ].

DONE.  The simplified SmartSuggestions are in the latest Pharo7, so you can play with the code
there, the SugsBrowseVariableDefintion is not (yet?) in Pharo7. (maybe someone wants to submit it?)

Next steps:
– get rid of the “Context” and instead embed the AST in the editor. This will be nice for *many*
other clients (AST Node navigation, code completion, syntax highlighting…)

– liberate the AST menu entries from the “suggestions” submenu: they should just appear
in the standard editor context menu.


Marcus Denker


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