[ANN] ChartJs for Seaside v1.0.0


I'm happy to announce the release v1.0.0 of ChartJs for Seaside.

This is a binding of ChartJs v1. We did not got the time to bind v2 of

v1.0.0 includes:
    Creation of 1D charts
    Creation of 2D charts
    Creation of Boxplots
    Callbacks on 1D and 2D charts
    Tooltips on charts
    Style customization

The project can be found at: https://github.com/DuneSt/ChartJs

Demo at: https://demos.ferlicot.fr/ChartJs

Cyril Ferlicot

Containers now on github!

All the collections on earth do not have to be loaded in the default Pharo image!
Beside a small kernel, we should have well packaged, well tested and documented collections: Containers is this modular library.
This project is to collect, clean, test and document alternate collections and data-structures. Each package is modular so that users can only load the collection they need without 100 of related collections. The vision is to think modular.
“Containers” currently includes:
All packages follow the same structure
  • Containers-XXX,
  • have tests, examples,
  • class names start with CT,
  • They can be loaded without class names.

Underway development

  • BTree
  • Tree

External projects

Some existing data structure may want to be listed as part of Containers. It is easy I can create a package for them and package them to follow the conventions.
  • Rope?
  • DataFrame?


  • BitArray
If you want to participate, you are welcome.
You can
  •     Publish your own container
  •     Help document better the existing ones
  •     Improve the design and API of certain data structures

S. Ducasse



Iceberg 7.5

Time for the weekly Iceberg update.

Iceberg 0.7.5. will be in the next Pharo build.
Thanks to all brave users, issue reporters and contributors :).

Key improvements:
 - Several improvements in metacello integration. (see #625, #664, #688 +
more tests)
 - For those using CI, we think this release will also fix

Infrastructure improvements:
 - In 0.7.4 we introduced in the build tests againt pharo 6.1 and 64 bits
   * https://travis-ci.org/pharo-vcs/iceberg/builds/372408795
 - In 0.7.5 all iceberg tests run green on Pharo 6.1 32 bits
   * https://travis-ci.org/pharo-vcs/iceberg/builds/374433920
 - In the next release we plan to do a pass on 64 bits

** Pharo 6.1 backport **
 - We plan to backport this version to Pharo 6.1
 - Cyril has been using the development version of Iceberg on Pharo 6.1 for
a couple of weeks now.
 - This plus the green CI encourages us to backport to Pharo 6.1

Detailed ChangesLog:

#625 Non explicit error while loading a project
#758 [Regression] Repair action clone is not setting pharo repository
#756 Iceberg dev-0.7 is broken in Pharo6.1 (Instance of IceTipURLLabelMorph
did not understand #addEmphasis:)
#749 Adding repair actions to the code subdirectory missing problem
#655 Rename extension method buildToolbarItem of CommandActivator
#755 Extracting the URL label behavior as a component that we can reuse
#468 Commiting via Iceberg does not commit package removal
#750 Add possibility to see current commit in Repositories/Package view
#754 Showing and coping the Commit ID
#753 Create branch dialog layout is broken
#664 Package wrongly shown with "uncommited changes" status
#752 Add "invalid ssh"
#747 Cloning a Git repository should change the path with the project name.
#738 Remove "pharo" Repository with "also remove from filesystem" gives
#746 Make tests run on pharo 6
#735 Issue while registering a new project on Pharo 6.1
#733 Add license file
#740 Fogbugz panel: Improve label, focus order and layout
#549 IceRestoreRepositoryModel should have a class comment
#688 Duplicated project error when loading in a fresh image

Guille in behalf of all people that contributed :)

ba-st Web Stack family gets a new member: Willow-Mixpanel and new releases


We're happy to announce a new member in the Web Stack family hosted at
https://github.com/ba-st/ : Willow-Mixpanel

This is also a multi-release announcement of the following project versions:

   - Willow-Mixpanel <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow-Mixpanel> v1.0.0
      - Provides Integration between Willow
      <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow/> and the Mixpanel Javascript API
      making easy to send events directly from the browser
      - HighchartsSt <https://github.com/ba-st/HighchartsSt> v7.0.0
      - Updated Highcharts and Highstock JS libraries to version 6.0.7
      - Improved Importing Tools
      - Migrated sources to Tonel
      - Willow <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow> v8.0.2. Changes since
   latest announcement:
   - Migrate sources to Tonel format
      - Improve ScrollIntoViewCommand
      - Updated JQuery to 3.3.1
      - Improve libraries test cases to verify the file contents
      - Fixed Bug #108 <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow/issues/108>:
      Senders of #identifier must ensure the component has assigned an id
      - Added FAQs to documentation
      - Added an easy way to add additional libraries to a WillowApplication
      - Added table footer support
      - Added to interaction interpreters:
         - show:whileCallingServerToRender: This will replace
         anIdentifiedWebView contents with aRenderable in the DOM
before doing the
         server call, and replace it again with the rendering obtained from the
         server call response
         - transform:into: This will replace anIdentifiedWebView content
         with aRenderable on the browser side

      - Willow-Bootstrap <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow-Bootstrap> v8.0.2
   - Improve file deployment tests
      - Update datepicker plugin to v1.8.0
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-JQueryUI <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow-JQueryUI> v7.1.0
      - Added JQuery UI dialog builder to component supplier
      - Improve file deployment tests
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-SpinKit <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow-SpinKit> v5.0.2
      - Improve file deployment tests
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Willow-Playground <https://github.com/ba-st/Willow-Playground/>
   - Improve package tagging and rename some classes to make the code more
      - Use the new interaction facilities
      - RenoirSt <https://github.com/ba-st/RenoirSt> v5.0.0
      - Migrated sources to Tonel format
      - Updated dependencies

Find a more detailed changelog and migration instructions on the release
pages of each repository.

Special thanks to Tim Mackinnon <https://github.com/macta> for the
constructive feedback driving some of the improvements in Willow and Francisco
Ortiz <https://github.com/fortizpenaloza> for the Mixpanel support.

Anyone interested in joining our ba-st projects <https://github.com/ba-st/>
is welcomed.

Gabriel Cotelli, Maxi Tabacman and all the contributors.

Iceberg 7.4

Hi all,

Time for the weekly Iceberg update.
The next pharo build will include Iceberg 0.7.4, with many improvements
done during this last week.

Documentation wise, all documentation/workflow valid for 0.7.3 is still
valid for 0.7.4. Thanks to all brave users, issue reporters and
contributors :).

Key changes:
 - Several improvements in merging (mostly UI)
 - Optimize Pharo workflow (less fetches and unnecessary diffs)
 - Lots of new automated tests to cover merging, reverting and some git
interactions that are difficult to capture manually

Infrastructure changes:
 - Since 0.7.2 was released, we made the resolution of making an
enhancement in the infrastructure per release
 - In 0.7.3 we fixed travis CI so builds are run on every commit and on
pull requests
 - In this relese (0.7.4) we introduced in the build tests againt pharo 6.1
and 64 bits
   * The idea is to prepare the field for a future backport to Pharo 6.1
   * And have good 64 bit support
   * https://travis-ci.org/pharo-vcs/iceberg/builds/372408795

In the next version our idea is to put the focus on enhancing
 - metacello integration
 - Pharo6.1 compatibility working smoothly
 - add a couple of more videos on scenarios like:
   * how to upgrade and contribute to iceberg
   * how to review a pharo fix
   * how to reuse your image for other fixes
   * handling merges
   * how to update a fork

Here is the detailed changelog with all closed issues during this week:

#729 Update .travis.yml to test Pharo 6 and 64 bits
#689 Creating a repository in an existing location shows a debugger UI
#556 Removed packages are not removed from git Model bug
#727 Adapt properties reading of Tonel projects for Pharo 6.1.
#728 Ask confirmation on fetch all action
#543 In merge window removed methods are not taken into account Model bug
#695 Specifying that Clone GitHub repository only deals with ssh mode
Github plugin UI
#690 Revert all does not behave correctly in detached working copy Model
bug important
#720 Commit panel should be selected by default when opening the commit
window UI enhancement
#724 Change focus order of commit window  UI enhancement
#719 Typing just after entering commit windows throw an error UI bug
#721 Repository creation error not handled Github plugin bug
#722 Typo in email git properties Libgit bug
#716 "#pathString was sent to nil" if Pharo repository is not resolved
Metacello Integration bug important
#709 Cannot see the arrow in merge view
#701 Merge view shows extra things UI enhancement merge
#710 Merge does not apply changes right bug merge
#711 The merge lose some changes bug merge
#694 Extra diffs happen Model enhancement important
#705 Clone repair action does extra actions Model enhancement
#647 Following script for Pharo6.1 leads to unusable Iceberg
(>>#binaryWriteStream) Pharo6-backport bug important


Pharo, Roassal and Grafoscopio at re:publica 2018


I will be showcasing Pharo, Roassal and Grafoscopio at re:publica 2018,
next week. As you may know, re:publica[2] is one of the most important
and visible media & digital culture conventions in Europe and is a good
scenario for the Pharo community.  You can find details about my
participation at [1]

[2] https://18.re-publica.com/en

I will be making intensive refactoring on the Dataviz package to create
some usual and unusual data visualizations from data exported from
Twitter, so I may be more active those days in the Discord and mailing
list channels, is some questions arise.

Thanks in advance for the Pharo communities support. I wouldn't be able
to be there without it.



Iceberg 0.7.3

Hi all,

We just introduced Iceberg 0.7.3 into Pharo. This new version solves
several issues people had when contributing to Pharo in general and others.
I've made a screencast on how to contribute to Pharo, and added some
tutorial and glossary in Iceberg's wiki.

Below the links and the changes log.

Thanks for making your issue reports ^^. We will schedule a backporting to
Pharo6.1 in a couple of weeks, once we have another iteration.


# Contribute to Pharo with Iceberg 0.7.3

- wiki page:

- Screencast:

This screencast shows how to use Iceberg 0.7.3 to contribute to latest Pharo 7, by cloning from scratch your own (potentially outdated) clone.

This video will guide you through:
 - solve the "Missing local repository" by cloning
 - solve the "Fetch required" that appears because the fork is out of date
 - solve the "Detached working copy" by creating a new branch
 - use the pharo plugin to create an issue branch
 - make some changes, commit them and push them to your fork
 - make a pull request

If you already have a clone, you can just import an existing repository
from your disk. The rest of the instructions should be the same.

If you don't have a fork, create one before doing anything else.

New videos to come with more explanations.

# Iceberg Glossary


# 0.7.3 ChangesLog

   - #693 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/pull/693>: fixing problem
   when the announcement of changes in a package is nil. (bug, important)
   - #682 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/682>: update update
   script (Pharo6-backport)
   - #681 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/681>: Author name is
   not correctly decoded (UI, enhancement)
   - #680 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/680>: Repair actions
   dialog should explain the situation (UI, enhancement, important)
   - #679 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/679>: Create branch
   repair action should show create branch from issue if available (Pharo
   plugin, UI)
   - #678 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/678>: Iceberg does
   not correctly recognize packages (bug, important)
   - #677 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/677>: Unknown commit
   can only be solved with repair action (Model, bug, important)
   - #676 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/676>: Unknown commit
   state is not properly shown (UI, bug, important)
   - #667 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/667>: Merging
   branches with file deletion doesn't seem possible (bug, important, merge)
   - #666 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/666>: Iceberg
   sometimes add a $ to commit message (Model, bug)
   - #662 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/662>: The Pharo
   plugin has to do the fetch only if required. (Pharo plugin, enhancement)
   - #660 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/pull/660>: Add a star badge
   in the push button in case of a new branch ()
   - #658 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/658>: Progress Bar
   during checkout of Repository. (UI, enhancement)
   - #657 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/657>: Confusing UI:
   Ghost Test maybe should be default? (UI, enhancement)
   - #656 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/656>: Typo in
   Progress Bar (UI, bug)
   - #651 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/651>: When pushing a
   new branch the list of commit is empty (UI, bug)
   - #650 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/650>: "Create new
   branch from issue" is leaving image in detached working copy state ()
   - #649 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/649>: The VM is
   crashing when trying to use Iceberg from a saved image (bug)
   - #645 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/645>:
   IceLibgitRepository should use "utilities" protocol instead of "utils"
   (clean up)
   - #644 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/644>: Unnecessary
   temp in IceTipGitHubRepositoryPanel>>#getGitHubRepository" (clean up)
   - #643 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/643>:
   LGit_GIT_ERROR: error authenticating: no auth sock variable loading a Tonel
   based baseline dependency in smalltalkCI (bug, important)
   - #639 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/639>: Create pull
   request fails if branch has not been pushed (Github plugin, bug)
   - #636 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/636>: The pull
   button should have a star badge when it has no upstream (UI, enhancement,
   - #634 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/634>: Travis is not
   building Pull Requests (CI, bug, important)
   - #624 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/624>: add "add
   remote" to remote picking on pull/push browsers (enhancement)
   - #610 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/pull/610>: Fix for issue
   #608 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/608> and #607
   <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/607>. (clean up)
   - #609 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/609>: New branch
   repair action does not refresh dirty packages (UI, bug)
   - #583 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/583>: Creating a
   tonel project does not commit the properties file (Model, bug)
   - #542 <https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/542>: Bug during
   commit of a new package (Model, bug)


Guille Polito

Pharo contributor: to contribute to Pharo

Hi Sven

if you like you can also use my "https://github.com/astares/pharo-contributor" - at least 
on Ubuntu (where I wrote, tested and use it)

- just clone the project
- use "download.sh" to download latest P7 automatically and started, it will also load a contribution 
  help book I did where all is explained

- For a quick start usually you just have to go to the very last help page of the appearing help tool and click 

    CPTCloneTool run

  to automagically download and update you fork (after giving your Github username)

Then you can contribute as usual by having a branch for a bug number in Iceberg and so on. 

Side note:
Currently new Iceberg still has some trouble:
 - one has to discard the changes on Fuel (as there are none) after the automatic synch of the tool
 - one has to "LGitLibrary initialize" when one reopens a saved image (see start.sh), otherwise VM will crash
I already notfied Esteban.

For questions on my workflow with the tool: I'm usually available on Discord.

I'm sure there will also be an update of the official contribution tutorial and AFAIK Esteban
want to do some screencasts. 


Using P3 to connect to CockroachDB


Just a quick note: it is possible to use P3 (the lean and mean PostgreSQL client for Pharo using frontend/backend protocol 3.0, https://github.com/svenvc/P3) to connect to CockroachDB (an SQL database for global cloud services, an open source clone of Google Spannner, https://www.cockroachlabs.com) as it supports the same line protocol. 

Just make sure to load the latest version of P3 (and ZTimestamp when you are on Pharo 7).

If you do their tutorial, you can set up your connection as follows:

  P3Client url: 'psql://root@localhost:26257/bank'.


Pharo Weekly is looking for a good soul

Dear reader,

I hope that you enojoyed Pharo Weekly. For me it helps me to remember what was happening in this super cool environment.

Now I will take a break and I do not expect to have the time and energy to feed this great blog. If you want to feed Pharo Weekly please contact me at stephane.ducasse@inria.fr