PharoX summer cleaning (or cutting the fat).

After years of good and loyal services, Glamour and the tools got a needed retirement. After a long effort of about 2/3 years we are happy to be able to massively clean Pharo.

We wanted to do it earlier but we needed a good replacement and now this is done! All the new tools are written in Spec2 and we are rewriting and deprecating all the tools not expressed in Spec2.0.

Let us avoid to be naive and think bit (drawing early conclusions on a wrong basis is always not really smart). We removed 420 classes (around 73,800 lines of code). Ok so what.

First, removing is not the panacea. Because LESS code for LESS functionality is EASY. Just remove the package and you do less. It is important to remove things when they duplicate functionality, when they are unused or/and unmaintained. It was the case of Glamour.

Second some people takes that lowering the number of classes is good. NO! NO! Sorry boys you should look at the Pharo mooc (2 videos of the third week of the Mooc And sorry Smalltalk friends, I’m pretty sure that you understand why having two classes True and False is better than having only Booleans. So please think a bit and relax when you think that class number should be small. It should NOT!

Now removing an old framework and its users and offering to the users an enhanced behavior and a better reusability (yes with Spec2.0 we can reuse/extend the default tools – you can extend the inspector and plug the Presenter you want and that you can reuse from somewhere else, so sweet isn’t) is what we wanted to achieve and we did it and we will continue.

We are doing the same is other parts of the system and this is cool.

So PharoX is shinning.

Happy Stef working on Pharo9 by Example.

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