New internal organization

Hello community

Just a little mail from holidays to let you know that from September on we will try a new organisation.

Pharo 9 (with Covid and amount of work) was stressful for us.
Seriously we deliver more than expected so we did several meta meetings (and we will continue) 
to understand how we can work with less stress. 
In particular we want to be able to give better feedback to the community while being able to deliver
the large items we have on our plate.

In a nutshell every month we will have

a full team working day around 

a full internal bug/issue internal sprint: we want to be able to concentrate on issues that require concentration

and we want to make sure that we can provide feedback and integrate PRs that need brain.

our monthly open sprint (we hope that Covid 4th wave will not break our fun once again).

The Pharo consortium team

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