New refactorings

Hello all,

These weeks I added new refactorings, following I will give some examples of them.
1. Create accessors with lazy initialization

This refactoring create accessors for variables with lazy initialization, for example:
– we have a class

Object subclass: #SomeClass
instanceVariableNames: ‘stringVar’
classVariableNames: ”
package: ‘Example’
– we can create accessors with lazy initialization executing this script:

variable: #stringVarclass: SomeClass 
classVariable: false 
defaultValue: ”’example”’) execute

the result of this refactoring is:

SomeClass >> stringVar
    ^ stringVar ifNil: [ stringVar := ” ]

SomeClass >> stringVar: anObject
    stringVar := anObject
2. Extract setUp refactoring (is the first version by the moment, it need to be improved)

This refactoring create a setUp method from a code fragment.
You can select an interval of some code in a test method and call this refactoring to create a setUp method implementing that code and replace the code by nothing. The selected class need to be a subclass of TestCase.

For example:

– given  a class

TestCase subclass: #SomeTest
instanceVariableNames: ”
classVariableNames: ”
package: ‘Example’

SomeTest >>testFoo
     self x.
     self assert: true

SomeTest >>  self x
    self doSomething

– To extract setUp method you can execute this script:

(RBExtractSetUpMethodRefactoring extract: (10 to: 16)
from: #testFoo
in: SomeTest) execute

the result of this refactoring is:

SomeTest >> setUp
    super setUp.
    self x.

SomeTest >> testFoo
    self assert: true

3. Move method to class side refactoring (This refactoring is still awaiting review)

This refactoring move a method to class side.
For example:
– given a method 

ClassX >> annotatedBlockMarkup
   ^ ‘@@’
– we can execute the refactoring with this script:
method: (ClassX >> #annotatedBlockMarkup) 
class: ClassX) execute.

the result of this refactoring is:
ClassX >> annotatedBlockMarkup
  ^ self class annotatedBlockMarkup

ClassX class >> annotatedBlockMarkup
  ^ ‘@@’
Any suggestions or comment of these refactorings are welcome. I hope these new refactorings are useful to you .

Evelyn C.

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