[Ann] New Pharo VM (v8.6.1)

 this is an announcement of a new release of the Pharo VM. This
new version is available to be downloaded through get-pharo scripts
and through the Pharo Launcher. From the Pharo Launcher, remember to
update the VM from the VM manager window. (Just as a reminder, to update the launcher, you can go to the VM manager clicking on the VMs button, and select the VM for example 90-x64 vm and select update).

This version includes a series of improvements:

– Unification of code base with the headless VM
– Preparation for supporting HDPI displays.
– Improvements in the speed of Threaded FFI (40x times faster in
SameThread runner and 2x in Threaded worker).
– Better handling of semaphores.
– Improvements in the loading of large images (better buffering).
– Better support for headless execution on non-main thread.

On mac the color of the native window is darker and display the path for now so that you can see that you are using a new version.

Please let the consortium engineers know if you find any issues.

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