This week (41/2020) on the Issue Tracker

Not communicating does not mean that we are not working 🙂 In fact we got busy. And we will start to have weekly log of activities.

Parser/Syntax Highlighting

Improvement to make the prior huge improvement on parsing of syntactically wrong
code much more usable:

Several fixes to the parser and syntax feedback #7411

First class Variables / Compiler cleanup

Lots of work has been done to unify all meta objects describing Variables into one  hierarchy (see Variable and subclasses). This in turn enables many
cleanups and simplification on the level of the name analysis of the Compiler and the API that the debugger uses to read Variables. Nearly finished, but some smaller steps remain:

Variable-scope-addTests #7435
(all Variable objects should know the scope where they are from)

Name Analysis: Lookup Slots In Class #7403

reduce-sends-doSemanticAnalysis #7402

7405-Debug-It-is-broken #7406
(this was a bad side effect of a refactoring needed to be able to move
 the call of #doSemanticAnalysis into the Compiler)

Fluid Class Definitions

This is ongoing work to have a better class definiton for what is now called
“slot enabeled class defintion” (the one where one can use First Class Variables and where the Layout class is shown explicitly)

7444-Prepare-fluid-class-integration-part-4 #7445

7437-prepare-fluid-class-integration-part-3 #7438

7412-preparing-the-integration-of-fluid-class-part-2 #7434

7431-preparing-fluid-class-Part-1 #7433


Debugger-should-show-Workspace-bindings #7408
A try to simplify how the workspace binding is found when debugging.
Leads to many problems, will be reverted.

7362-Package-Debugger-Filters-is-not-used-and-can-be-removed #7430

Added a closeAllDebugger method to trait TDebugger class, that users … #7328
(just a first step, not yet solved)

Exposing signalContext in Exception #7417

ReadOnly Literals

The compiler and the VM has support to make literals read-only. As the ability
to change literals without the code reflecting it has lead to ugly bugs in the
past, turning this on looks like a good idea:

SourceFileBufferedReadWriteStreamTest-readOnlyLiteral #7418

betterName-isSharedLiteral #7432

Enable-ReadOnly-Literals #7393

Bug Fixes

Background failures log in CI #7337

5956-Wrong-format-of-DoubleWordArray #7404
Ongoing work. All code is merged, but now we need to still see that we
can create classes like that with the bootrap

Fix_for_PluggableSliderMorph #7415

7414-division-of-number-by-array-fails-with-doesNotUnderstand-isZero #7425
Cleaning integer division #7436




7367-pragmas-not-needed-textEditorShiftedMenu-fileListContentMenu #7426

Fixed #7420. Added transformation rules to some non-transforming deprecations 
that were identified as automatable in the Deprewriter paper #7427

7364-RBSelectorNode-has-unclassified-methods #7424

7416-Fileout-a-protocol-raises-a-DNU #7441

7365-DictionaryValueHold-removeKey-calls-a-non-existing-method #7407

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