[ann] Indie Web

Hi all,

Due to the confinement in the pandemic, our forms of telepresence become
more important and many suddenly got even more immersed into an
Oligopoly cyberspace (Zoom, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon,
Microsoft, etc) with opaque algorithms that under extractive logic
commodify our privacy and communications, try to condition our attention
and habits, as well as to shape our current and future behavior. But
this is not the only way to inhabit cyberspace.

From the Grafoscopio community[1], we would like to invite you to a
series of workshops that we are doing to make visible other ways of
populating and building the web, aligned with the movements of
IndieWeb[1a], from what we have called “pocket infrastructures”. You can
find more information about these topics in [2] and in particular about
the workshops in [3] (in Spanish).

[1] https://mutabit.com/grafoscopio/en.html
[1a] https://indieweb.org/
[2] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/indieweb/

The second workshop will be tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 29 from 3:15 PM to
7:15PM CO (GMT – 5) — I will try to share the other workshops earlier,
but the site in [2] will be the consolidated memory of them, for those
who want to join us asynchronously.

We will see how IndieWeb sites help us to untangle and reweave that
other web and how this help us to reconnect in this stranger times.

Rethinking the infrastructure is also to rethink the ways in which it
enables and makes visible (or not) certain ways of being and acting.
Infrastructures are embodied discourses. So thank you in advance for
joining us in rethinking this in practice.

Of course, Pharo is behind scenes, as usual, powering this experience.
But with these IndieWeb workshops I think we have found a sweet spot
that puts coding in front with a practical introduction and motivation
beyond the kind of boring “Hello World”. Following a “local first”
approach, documentation will be in Spanish, but source code[5] and
interactive documentation will be in English to bridge our worlds :-),

[4] https://mutabit.com/offray/blog/en/entry/dumb-hello-world
[5] https://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/brea/

See you on cyberspace,


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