Static SmalltalkHub

Hi all,
Since May, SmalltalkHub is in read-only mode, allowing people to get back their data and move it to another forge if needed.We had several unexpected downtimes with the deprecated version of Smalltalkub (different software stack due to server migration).

To enhance the user experience, we put the static version of Smalltalkhub «  SmalltalkHub archive » on-line as the official service. It was already announced that it will be done in November but we decided to do it earlier because it improves the current state:

– faster and reliable downloads from (mcz files are no longer stored in a Mongo DB but served as static files)

– Smalltalkhub archive still allows to list projects, search for a project, see packages, contributors, commits

– the deprecated version of smalltalkhub is still on-line until November at

So you have the best of the 2 versions.

Regards,The Pharo consortium team.

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