[Ann] Pharo Pro

Dear community,

we are very proud to announce the availability of PharoPro, a company that offers professional support for the pharo platform. Our mission is to enable people and companies to secure their business when building products with pharo.

We have been tinkering with the idea creating it for a long time. We talked to a lot of people, especially at last ESUG in cologne and finally decided to do it. So at the end of last year we founded the company PharoPro. Obstacles (one being covid-19) kept us from make it public until today.

In close relationship with the pharo consortium our mission is to extend the market opportunities for pharo.
Although PharoPro is new and still small we want to show our commitment to the consortium and the community from the start. We decided therefor that PharoPro will join the pharo consortium as platinum member.

Our plans apart from support contracts is to have an LTS (long term support) version of pharo, create a professional pharo ecosystem with libraries and frameworks and to help out building the infrastructure pharo needs.

We are still shaping up. We want to know your requirements and needs that help us deciding what are the most needed things. So you might visit


and then come talk to us.

Best regards and health,

PharoPro GmbH

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