Showing off with test numbers ;)

You have several kinds of developers

  • the ones that do not test because it is not worth, because they are too cool, do not write bugs
  • the ones that do not test because it is impossible. “My domain is so complex that I cannot” – And I’m also so smart because I can only understand it.
  • the ones that talk about tests but we do not see them because “You know this is in proprietary code”
  • the ones that believe strongly in tests and that will fight to get the cool feelings of having tests!

Pharo core development team is of the fourth kind and it eats its own dog food.

  • I thought during long time that UI testing was not possible/easy. I was lame and staying in my confort zone. The consortium engineers showed me the contrary. Little slap in my face but a cool one 🙂
  • Now they are working on writing tests for the GC of the Pharo VM, writing tests for the bytecode, the JIT and the PIC. It is not easy but it is doable AND WORTH! I learned sooooo much joing writing test dojos. I want more 🙂

As of today any PR integration is validated with 67392 tests (not counting the VM tests, the project tests like iceberg).


S. Ducasse (a test infected developer and super happy to be infected else I could not work).

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