[Ann] Mediaclue getting open-source

Hi all

I’m a Pharo lover since many years. A huge thanks to all of you, making Pharo possible! As a giving back I would like to open source some of my business projects (Thanks to my supporting customers, too). The first is a web based media assets management called “mediaclue” (Think of it as a image/audio/video/document sharing platform, e.g. for teachers inside a school):


(Everything is ready for simple install into a fresh Linux server with included Ansible provisioning scripts to create the whole appliance)


P.S. The UI language is still german at the moment, but that should turn multilanguage eventually

Brot? www.brotrezept.ch!

Andreas Brodbeck
mindclue GmbH
Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH

+41 55 622 26 24

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