[Ann] uFFI booklet

Hi all,

We have been working a lot in the last months in the documentation of uFFI, and we are happy to announce a first stable version of it that you’ll find in a link below 🙂
The booklet talks about uFFI, how to use it, how marshalling works, how to use structures, unions, etc.
And it is aimed for the version present on Pharo8.0.
Of course, a v1 does not mean it’s perfect. Future versions will include new chapters/features that are on the pipeline such as callbacks and how to specify string encodings in your bindings.
Also, so if you find something to fix, to add, to remove, or something hard to follow, let us know
 – by email or
 – by issue (will be easier to track actually than an email) or
 – by PR (and we will have a boost of happiness in addition)
Guille in behalf of everybody that helped and contributed to this
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