About the Pharo ecosystem


Let’s take a moment to contemplate on the breath and the depth of the expanding Pharo ecosystem. So much is happening that it is very hard to keep track, let alone look at everything or try it out.

Marcus’ excellent curated Pharo Newsletter is one place to see this.

Take the February 2020 list of New/Updated Libraries and Frameworks at the end:


This is one of the longest enumerations I have seen so far. The great thing is that it is like that almost every month. Check out the archive:


Of course, GitHub is also a good way to see this happening. The main entry being:


Which contains several overviews:



Topic tags automatically organise some projects:



What all this comes down to is that Pharo has many recently developed, actively maintained options to get your job done: to model your domain, to build your user interface, to talk to other systems, to speak other protocols, to interface with the world, to deploy and to deliver your applications.

Similarly, Pavel recently did a very good job at the describing why Pharo itself is so great:


So thanks to all of you for helping to make Pharo into what it is.

Thanks to our users: for your questions, you’re feedback, your bug reports.

Thanks to those helping out others on the mailing lists.

Thanks to everyone who ever blogged or otherwise wrote about their experiences with Pharo.

Thanks to the contributors involved in constantly improving Pharo with Pull Requests, to those working hard to maintain the process and the machinery behind the development process.

Thanks to all the developers producing and maintaining the many libraries and frameworks that help us in our day to day work.

Thanks to those writing documentation.

Thank you.


PS: This is already a long email, but I know that I forgot many important points, feel free to add them in reply.

Sven Van Caekenberghe
Proudly supporting Pharo

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