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I decided that in 2020 I will not turn around the glitches and I will follow the example of Cyril Ferlicot who adapted Pharo with many cool extensions (check his https://github.com/jecisc/pharo-scripts).

So I worked over holidays on Cozy https://github.com/Ducasse/Cozy/. I adapted, refactored and …. well changed his scripts. Since I wanted to explore I forked and expanded. But I made sure that Cyril can copy back my utilities by making sure that Cozy and cohabit with Pharo-Scripts.

Here is the package readme.

A little package to create a more cozy and productive working environment for Pharo.

It is based on Pharo-scripts from Cyril Ferlicot and probably QuickAccess from Torsten Bergman (I do not know since I started from pharo-scripts). But I want to thank them both. I made sure that Cozy can be loaded without impacting pharo-scripts to support cross-fertilization.

Cozy supports

  • Iceberg configuration via files saved in your settings (password, ssh, share repo). See IcePick.
  • Automatic Iceberg configuration for Pharo contribution
  • scan of your github repo to populate iceberg in one click
  • many cool scripts
  • a superb new them called “A day at the beach”: yes with a nice blue and orange style!

Next version should

  • clean some duplicated functions
  • support modular definition of script (instead in a single class because relying on protocols does not work with class extensions.
  • make sure that my lovely scripts are nicely packaged.
  • check pharo-scripts support for multiple pharo versions.
  • a way to manage (as Pharo-scripts all) the settings folder in github.
  • smoother theme integration.

Here is a picture of the “A day at the beach” theme.

Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 16.20.17.png

Happy new year.

My resolution for this year is to me a lot more efficient 🙂


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