[Ann] ReStore for Pharo :)


At ESUG 2018 I gave a presentation on some aspects of ReStore, my object<>relational database framework for Dolphin Smalltalk. Afterwards a number of people asked if ReStore was available for Pharo, the answer at the time unfortunately being “no". 

A year later I found myself with some spare time and decided to look at porting ReStore to Pharo (mainly to give myself some experience with Pharo). I’m pleased to say ReStore is now available for Pharo and can be found at my GitHub account:

https://github.com/rko281/ReStoreForPharo <https://github.com/rko281/ReStoreForPharo>

Initially ReStore supports SQLite via UDBC and PostgreSQL via P3; kudos and thanks to the authors of these packages. Documentation largely remains on the “to do” list but the ReadMe gives a flavour of what ReStore is and what it can do via a few simple examples. Please feel free to post any questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I hope some of you find ReStore useful!

John Aspinall
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