[Ann] Embeddable Image in VM

Dear Consortium members
At ESUG 2019 LabWare people (Mark is on CC) told us that a key requirement for their business 
was to be able to embed an image into the executable.
It was the first time people ask us this feature (It requires that the image does not write on any external resources
and a modification of the VM). Having a silent image is something that we are working since a couple of years
from time to time with the help of V. Blondeau from LAMRC and now Lifeware. 
So we decided to show that we can do it and that we are listening to people.  
Here is the email that Pablo sent us internally and I wanted to share it with you. 

    I have made a VM with an embeddable image inside, I have done it
for Windows, but the same can be done for other operating systems.

If you want to try it (of course for windows) I have put a zip here:


It should not require any account or access.

I have modified some methods and added a way of detecting if the image
is embedded.

Do you consider is a good thing to have in the CI?


Pablo Tesone.

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