Spec2 new PR in Pharo 80



  • Add padding management of SpBoxLayout for Morphic
  • Add demo on Box Layout (978220b)
  • Add package comments (20ffe7a)
  • Add contextMenu to Athens presenters (78aefa5)
  • Allow to add an image in the layout without declaring an image presenter (748bc59)
  • Add InputPort to SpPresenterWithModel (5f7d07c)
  • Improve demos (d2e1bf1)
  • Add possiblity to pass action to link presenter (3903717)
  • Add component list presenter (cb26690)
  • Add possibility to defer UI via Spec (da86831)
  • Introduce new API: initializePresenters and connectPresenters instead of initializeWidgets and initializePresenter (6c7ebc1)
  • Use toolbar and not toolBar (f2f807f)
  • Create builder for SpActionBarPresenter (c5f1e59)
  • TextPresenter Add a placeHolder (7b7d4b5)
  • Add the method clearContent in the class SpAbstractTextPresenter (16a842d)
  • feature/improvementsForIceberg (246c1a7)

Commander 2 integration

  • Change dependency to Commander2 so it uses v110 (5ca15b3)
  • Update commander2 version (4ac485a)
  • Change dependency to Commander2 for v120 (15945ac)
  • Migrate Spec to use Commander2 v200 (c4c5350)
  • Implement method to convert spec command as ButtonPresenter (dab0312)
  • Allows one to change the default context set on commands when their context is nil (152af5e)
  • Commander2 should provide easier way to use command group on list tree etc (d80a965)
  • Commander2 layer should set the presenter as context of commands when not done (d0f2889)


  • Replace Smalltalk references (c1cc561)
  • Fix grid layout tests (85719bc)
  • SpAbstractPresenter should be abstract (de681a0)
  • Migrate more layouts to executable layouts (cee71ae)
  • Use theme instead of hardcoded color in Modal adapter (be583d8)
  • TextPresenter placeholder does not work in Pharo 7 (6bbdc7b)
  • Instance of TreeTablePresenter did not understand activatesOnDoubleClick (9cda46c)
  • Fixing SpCodePresenter in pharo8 (fc5b7e8)
  • Some table columns are editable (c630a0e)
  • Fixing Baseline (3f3ac6d)


  • Migrate initializeWidgets and initializePresenter to new API (dd74217)
  • Clean package structure (a0706ba)
  • Remove dependency between Spec2 Commands and Commander (56ae6d4)
  • Commander2 v2 migration (0d029c0)
  • Remove all commented pragmas (ed6e844)
  • cleanup (05839d7)
  • Deprecate asSpAdapter (cb5f47c)
  • Move spec related methods on class side of CmCommand and CmCommandGroup to spec integration package (f95eca0)
  • Remove ComposablePresenter references (ef8c984)
  • Unnecessary initialize method in SpMorphPresenter (4b6828b)
  • SpExecutableLayoutresolvePresentermodelbindings should be SpExecutableLayoutresolvePresenterpresenterbindings (caa37db)
  • Fix calls to canBeRun and replace them with canBeExecuted (822db0c)
  • PolyWidget SpChooseMethod improvement (fe964f9)
  • Comment of SpPresenter mentions ComposablePresenter (d46e348)
  • Rename SpTestingComposerWithModel into SpTestingPresenterWithModel (092e6c4)


Commander 2 integration of the 13 of September 2019


  • Add #register:after: and #register:before:. (ad5041c)
  • Implemented part of the missing API and implemented corresponding tests. (5c91fac)

Bug fixes

  • Added missing deprecation methods to make transition from v1 to v2 smoother. (3fef319)
  • Changed string returned by #defaultDescription to be ‘Not described command.’ (71ad574)


  • Preparing for major release, removing deprecated methods we do not want in next major version: – #canBeRun – #canBeRunBlock – #canBeRunBlock: – #defaultCommandName – #runWith: (3dbd6b1)
  • Updated baseline to be more flexible. – Do not provide migrator in default group. – Provide core,test and migrator groups. (7a7491b)
  • Enhanced comment. (8379fb3)
  • Did migration with the following renamings (order is important): #name -> #dynamicName. #description -> #dynamicDescription. #basicName -> #name. #basicDescription -> #description. (1a8f4e8)
  • wrap environment into RBNamespace. (723cddd)
  • Put #runWith: in deprecations package. (cc9025d)
  • Removed #runWith: (c78dd09)
  • Renamed #defaultCommandName as #defaultName. Used deprecation. (c1bad44)
  • Renamed #canBeRunBlock as #canBeExecutedBlock via a deprecation. (5a87a11)
  • Moved spec related methods in class-side of CmCommandGroup to spec package. (4ae2f84)
  • Moved spec-specific methods on class side of CmCommand to Spec integration package. (11d7997)
  • Renamed #canBeRun as #canBeExecuted to be more consistent. Created a deprecation to ease migration of users. (152e6a7)
  • Reclassified all #canBeRun methods in ‘testing’ protocol. (813cda2)
  • Reclassified #execute methods in ‘executing’ protocol. Brings consistence and solves issue #9 (19c1ee0)
  • Renaming of CmCommandGroupTest to CmCommandsGroupTest. (5f20942)
  • Renamed test class to match class under test. (8ab2c3b)
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