Fund rising for a book on Spec20

Hello Pharoers and Smalltalk Friends
Often you or other complain that there is not enough documentation, tutorials…. (even if we have a MOOC worth 155 K euros, several great books, but yes we should update them.
Now I started to work on a new book on Spec 20 with Cyril Ferlicot and I decided that I will not write it for free because it will take me at least 6 months.
So I decided that if this community wants more books and documentation, it should prove its will 🙂
I created a fundraising campaign to check if people can align their wishes and their means.
So feel free to sponsor this great book.

Building user interfaces with spec 20 –

Organisations can also do it.
BTW: the crowd funding system and other cost will cost us 10% and after we will pay taxes
on this. So I prefer not to count our hour cost because else I would really not write a book at all.
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