[ann] GitBridge


Today I released the v1 of a project I wanted to do since a long time:

The goal of the project is to easily access external resources stored in
the git repository of the project and other information.

For more infos check the Quick start or documentation present at:

When Monticello was the most common VCS usable with Pharo we stored a
lot of external resources in the image. Now we are able to store them
outside, get a lighter image and make it easier to edit and version them!

This can be useful to store test resources, CSS/JS files for web
applications, documentation, etc.

This can also be useful to get from the application some information
such as the current version of the application instead of hard-coding it
in a method to update at each release.

It implementation relies on Iceberg and the repositories registered in it.

Cyril Ferlicot

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