[ANN] Pharo Launcher 1.9.1 released

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce Pharo Launcher 1.9.1 release!
The goal of this release is to have a better Windows support. Indeed Pharo Launcher now uses a new library OSWinSubprocess (https://github.com/pharo-contributions/OSWinSubprocess) created for Pharo Launcher needs. This library allows to create Windows processes through ffi calls to the Windows API. It uses the unicode api, allowing paths with non-ascii characters.
In the same time, we switched from OSProcess to  OSSubprocess (Linux and OS X) that is now the preferred library to use to fork processes on Linux-based systems.
This release is not yet the default download of Pharo Launcher on Pharo web site because we want more feedback before promoting it.
Please use this link to install it: https://files.pharo.org/pharo-launcher/1.9.1 and let us know if this version works fine/better for you.
ps: For now, the binary is not signed but it will come soon.
ps2: Thanks to Keldon Alleyne for his PR on Pharo Launcher offering the first FFI binding to Windows process API
The Pharo team.
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