[ANN] OSWinSubprocess a library to spawn Windows System processes

Pharo Launcher had stability problems to spawn new processes (launch Pharo images) on Windows as well as limitations (paths could only contain ASCII characters).
To solve this problem, we developed a new library: OSWinSubprocess (https://github.com/pharo-contributions/OSWinSubprocess) and decided to make it a standalone library so that people can use it if they need to.
We tried to use the same API as OSSubprocess when possible. This library uses the Windows API to create process from both 32-bit and 64-bit Pharo images. It also supports Unicode characters.
Here are some examples on how to use it:
process := OSWSWinProcess new 
		command: 'C:\Windows\notepad.exe';
process terminate.
OSWSWinProcess new 
		command: 'C:\Windows\notepad.exe';
		arguments: #('notepad.exe' 'C:\foo.txt');
Important note: As of now, this library does not yet support standard streams (stdin, stdout and stderr). It could be done by setting the appropriate information in the STARTUPINFO structutre.
You can check the README for more information.
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