Call for improving Pharo together


it was in 2017 when I asked people here on this list to help cleaning and raise the quality level of our Pharo system:

I not only talked. I took action – meanwhile with around 658 (!) sometimes very trivial changes to
get Pharo 7 and 8 into a cleaner state (

One step at a time … evening per evening, week per week. Sometimes there was a minute – sometimes not.

And yes: Pharo already became cleaner with small contributions from my and many others contributors side. Pharo now
already feels a little bit better – has class and test comments, more aligned packages, fixed categories,
less typos, cleaner and more understandable code and more rules to hopefully keep that quality level.

What if YOU, YES YOU would also step in and also apply simple or complex fixes and cleanups on internal
and also external packages? You could also help with documentation or feedback on what is working and what not.

If we all clean the house TOGETHER the next guest would feel already more comfortable and also try not to
wear his dirty shoes…

I also intentionally opened one single trivial issue without fixing it myself. Now today this issue got somehow
“famous” on Twitter:

and YOU can get famous for FIXING or REVIEWING this single issue too.

Or you can help with many others that are left either here:
or here:

Jump in – the water is just fine!

Torsten (aka “astares” on Discord)

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