[Consortium] Lifeware and Schmidt Pro

The Pharo consortium is very excited and super happy to bring your attention to the following announce
that was presented during Pharodays 2019: https://fr.slideshare.net/pharoproject/

The consortium got two contracts to support financially one year of engineer to improve Pharo.
The companies Lifeware and Schmidt Pro fund work on Pharo to improve Pharo. The total amount
of the two contracts is around 190 K Euros.
In addition the RMOD team got some resources from Inria.
The net result is that in 2019 the consortium will have 3.5 engineers working full time on Pharo.
– Esteban Lorenzano
– Pablo Tesone
– Cyril Ferlicot
– Guillermo Polito
It will boost Pharo. Note that the issues raised by Schmidt Pro and Lifeware
and their impacts on the roadmap of Pharo 8 and Pharo 9 are presented in https://fr.slideshare.net/pharoproject/.
What is key to notice is that the consortium is working because many contributing companies are sharing ressources.
This is built a strong soil to grow Pharo and business around.
On the behalf of Inria, the consortium and the community we would like to thank 

Lifeware and SchmidtPro for their strong support.
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