[Ann] Pharo VM generated from Pharo

Hi all,

Just to keep everyone informed, last week I’ve spent a couple of days making slang work on Pharo again, based on the initial effort of Eliot.
The summary of what I did is:
 – we can generate, compile and run a stack vm
 – we can generate, compile and run a cog vm
 – for this, I’ve done a couple of patches to VMMaker
  – the ones specific to Pharo has been pushed
  – the ones that touch cross dialect code are still in review (I think)
To do this work
 – I had to review the AST-to-AST transformation, checking the output, comparing it to what squeak does and so on…
 – I’ve written several unit tests to ensure that future migrations are easier to do
 – I’ve introduced several compatibility classes/methods related to PackageInfo, Time and so on…
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