[Ann] Pharo Launcher 1.8.1

Hi all,

Pharo Launcher 1.8.1 has just been released! It is available from http://pharo.org/download.
Here is the changelog:

Bug fixes:

  • #326 Edit image description doesn’t update when editing existing description
  • #325 Instance of MacProcess did not understand #waitForCommand:
  • #324 sources file not found for Pharo < 3.0
  • #321 abort process if not responding. Uses TaskIt
  • #239 Mac OS menus display “SqueakOSXApp” instead of « PharoLauncher »
  • #323 Check if pharo-version.st should be updated
  • #322 do not try to run image without preferences if not supported by the image
Thanks to all contributors, including issue reports.
The Pharo team.
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