[ANN] Minimal telepharo

I’m working on having a telepharo image based on the pharo minimal image. With the help of pavel and Allex I prepared a usable artefact on github that can be used. Both images are based on Pharo8.

The release file
contains a 32 bit minimal telepharo server image. It is 12,1 MB in size. And there is a 64 bit full pharo telepharo client image in the archive that can be used to connect to the minimal server one. I did not include the vms in the archive. These you need to install separately.
To run the server do
$ ./pharo server.image eval –no-quit “TlpRemoteUIManager registerOnPort: 40423“
The client.image can be started as usual. In a playground do

To be connected to the minimal server image. Further details on telepharo you can find at
Further relases of this will be made available at
I’m planning to make a pharothings release available as well when the telepharo release is considered stable.
Hope you like it,
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