SETT (Store to Tonel)

GemTalkSystems is pleased to announce SETT (Store Export to Tonel Tools)[1]. SETT is open source project with an MIT license.
SETT (Store Export to Tonel Tools) is a set of tools to export Smalltalk code from Store and
write into the Tonel file format managed using Git.
SETT is:
a Pharo 6.1 application, that
connects to a Postgres Database
containing source code history in VisualWorks Store format; and
writes to a Git repository
in Tonel format
maintaining all version history, source code and SCM metadata.
SETT was developed last year to support one of our commercial customers in their conversion From Store to Rowan[2]. Rowan artifacts are produced as part of the output of SETT, but the Rowan artifacts can be ignored. The important bit is that SETT converts from Store to Tonel and maintains version history in git.
Please see the project ReadMe[3] and Wiki[4] for additional details.

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