[ANN] Pharo open documentation

Hi everyone!

With some other members of the community we are proud to announce a new effort on Pharo documentation: https://github.com/pharo-open-documentation/awesome-pharo

We launched an organization pharo-open-documentation which is a
user-maintained documentation related to Pharo environment, language,
and libraries.

Currently it has three main projects:
– pharo-wiki : Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment.
– awesome-pharo : A collection of awesome Pharo libraries, tools,
frameworks and software.
– awesome-pharo-ml : List of projects, books, booklets, papers, and
applications related to machine learning, AI, data science in Pharo.

Contributions are welcomed!

If you own a cool project in Pharo others could use in their own
projects, send us a PR to awesome-pharo!
If you have knowledge on Pharo or projects of Pharo, we would be glad
if you could contribute to the pharo-wiki! Don’t forget to read the
contribution guidelines. 😉

We opened a Twitter to announce new entries on the pharo-wiki.


Have a nice day!

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