Visual Studio code Configuration for the VM

Hi guys,

We have been using this week with Pablo a combination of Visual Studio Code, cygwin, and gdb to build and debug the VM to chase some issues during ffi calls in win64.

It was overall simple to setup, and though I thought it was going to be just a text editor with vitamines, it ended up being a really light but versatile IDE with code navigation, compilation and debugging integration.

But, since there were some little things over here and there like gdb
source code mapping that was not so straight forward to find in the
documentation, we thought it would be good to share it.

If somebody is interested in using a similar setup to work with the VM, I've left my configuration files in the following gist, including:

 - cygwin bash terminal integration (also with zsh, but that's pure cygwin)
 - task actions to build cog and stack vms on debug mode
 - launch configs to run both in debug mode with gdb attached

Guille & Pablo
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