[Ann] Discord Pharo news channel

I am happy to annoyance a new channel in our Discord Server , #news

News is a read only channel (members cannot post there only admins) that I
intended to act as a newspaper of short that you can read with your morning
coffee to get all the latest news in the Pharo land.

The rules of the channel are very simple,
1) Only admins can post there. Its not a dicussion channel, all other
relevant channels can be used for discussing the Pharo news. We already
have tons of them.
2) every post must be no more than 2 lines, similarly to twitter, this is
for headlines not for entire articles
3) every post must contain a link for more info
4) every post must mention the author that the news concern
5)  least news must always be related to Pharo, it can be anything
(article, project, update etc)
6) last but not least I am always open to suggestions in case something
escapes my attention

If you have not done so make sure you join our Discord server following
this link


You wont be getting only news but a very active community always willing to
help you with any questions and problems you may have, real time.

All people are welcomed :)

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